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Morrisons becomes the fourth major retailer to hike meal deal prices this year - here's how it compares

Morrisons has increased the cost of its meal deal by 50p from £3 to £3.50, making it the fourth major retailer to up prices this year. Here's how it compares.

24 May 2022

NS&I to increase the Premium Bond prize rate to 1.4% - here's all you need to know

NS&I will increase its Premium Bond prize fund rate, which is equivalent to a yearly interest rate, from 1% to 1.4% from 1 June. The odds of each £1 Premium Bond number winning a prize will also increase from 34,500 to one to 24,500 to one.

24 May 2022

Mis-sold an Amigo loan? Redress could soon be on its way after High Court approves complaints scheme

A compensation plan put forward by Amigo Loans to return at least £112 million to borrowers it wrongly mis-sold high-interest loans to has today (23 May) been approved by the High Court. The move is a significant win for borrowers and follows a previous proposal that was rejected by the Court.

23 May 2022

Toy subscription service Whirli goes into administration - what it means for refunds and returns

Children's toy subscription service Whirli has gone into administration. The collapse affects around 10,500 customers. Here's what it means for your refund and return rights.

23 May 2022

Three's £2 a day roaming charges come into effect today – here's all you need to know

Three's £2 a day roaming charges come into effect from today (23 May) for holidaymakers who wish to use their normal monthly allowance in Europe. The change will effect new and upgrading pay monthly and Sim-only customers.

23 May 2022

£17 million of unspent Tesco Clubcard vouchers will expire this month, but there's a trick to extend them – here's how

Some £17 million worth of unused Tesco Clubcard vouchers is set to expire at the end of the month. Use your vouchers now if you can but if not, there is a trick to extend them online. We explain how it works.

20 May 2022

Boots and Co-op hike meal deal prices - here's how they compare to other major supermarkets

Boots and Co-op are the latest retailers to increase the price of their meal deals. Boots has upped costs from £3.39 to £3.59, and from £3.99 to £4.19 in its London shops, while Co-op's meal deal has jumped from £3.50 to £3.75.

19 May 2022

Financial regulator to punish banks and building societies that don't protect people's access to cash

Under the new 'Financial Services and Markets Bill' banks and building societies will have to ensure cash withdrawal and deposit facilities are available to customers in communities across the UK.

19 May 2022

Two MoneySavers reclaim £1,000+: How to check and challenge incorrect water bills if you use a soakaway or septic tank

Two users have secured refunds and compensation worth thousands - and reduced their waste water bills - after arguing their bills should have been lower as their homes aren't connected to public sewers. Here's how others in England and Wales can maybe do the same.

19 May 2022

Thousands of Vodafone customers unable to redeem Airtime Rewards to put towards their phone bill – here’s what you can do

Almost 14,000 Vodafone customers have been unable to redeem Airtime Rewards against their mobile phone bill since the start of May due to a technical glitch. The cashback scheme has implemented a temporary fix, which sees cashback paid into your bank account, for now. Here is all you need to know.

19 May 2022