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Online Tesco shopper? Check if you're due a refund after glitch sees some users wrongly charged minimum order fees

Tesco shoppers who order online should check their receipt for a £4 'basket fee', which may have been incorrectly applied. The supermarket has admitted that it's wrongly charged some the fee following a glitch. Tesco won't proactively contact those impacted, so you'll need to request a refund. 

Usually, the supermarket only applies its basket fee if you knowingly place an online order of less than £40. Where cheaper substitutions, or items being out of stock bring your initial £40 (or more) order under this limit, Tesco won't apply the minimum basket fee. Tesco takes payment from shoppers at the point of delivery, not at the point of order. 

However, a technical error means a "small number" of Tesco shoppers have wrongly been charged in this scenario. The supermarket won't notify you if you're affected, so you'll need to contact Tesco for a refund. You can do so over the phone on 0800 323 4040, or via WhatsApp on 0800 917 7403. Make sure you keep your receipt and/or copy of your final delivery order as proof. (MSE) has spotted a handful of complaints both online and on our Forum from Tesco shoppers who've found themselves out of pocket - see below for a selection of these. It's unclear if the problem has been resolved - we've asked Tesco and we'll update this story when we know more. 

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'It's not my fault and yet you've charged me a basket fee'

MSE has spotted several complaints from angry shoppers after being incorrectly charged the basket fee. Here's a sample of what we've seen:

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