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You've only got a few days left to triple your Tesco Clubcard points when spent on  'Delivery Saver' plans - here's all you need to know

Tesco shoppers who spend Clubcard points on the supermarket's 'Delivery Saver' plans have just a few days left to triple the value of their points when spent on the grocery delivery plans. From 10am on 14 November, points will only be worth face value - so make sure you spend them this weekend if you haven't already.

We've full details on what's happening below, though you can see our Supermarket Shopping Tips guide for more info on cutting grocery costs.

You can also find out how to get back lost Clubcard vouchers, then boost them to their maximum value via our Reclaim and boost Tesco vouchers guide.

Tesco said Clubcard points that are transferred into vouchers to be used at all other partner brands, such as Alton Towers or Zizzi, will remain at three times their value post-14 November.

Clubcard points will no longer be worth triple the value when spent on Delivery Saver plans 

Currently, Clubcard points are worth three times their value when spent on Delivery Saver plans, which are six-month or 12-month plans designed to help Tesco customers save if they regularly shop online. But from 10am on 14 November, this tripling of points will be axed, with points only worth their face value to spend on Delivery Saver plans.

As an example, savers currently need £27.96 in Clubcard points to pay for a 12-month anytime home delivery pass, which normally costs £83.88. But from 14 November their points will need to match the full £83.88. Similarly, you can currently buy a six-month click and collect pass with £4.98 worth of points - but from 14 November you'll need the full £14.94.

Tesco wouldn't tell us why it was making the changes. 

Transfer Clubcard points by 14 November to maximise their value

To make the most of the higher transfer value while it lasts, you must swap Clubcard points into vouchers to spend on Delivery Saver plans by 10am on 14 November. 

You then have six months from the date you get the vouchers to redeem them. For example, if you transfer your Clubcard points on 13 November 2022, you'll have until 13 May 2023 to spend them on a Delivery Saver pass. 

To transfer Clubcard points into Delivery Saver plan vouchers, log into your Tesco Clubcard account via the Tesco website or app. Select 'points' and then 'select vouchers'. Choose the amount you'd like to transfer and what you'd like to transfer it to - in this case Delivery Saver vouchers. Once you've completed your order, look out for a confirmation email. A second email containing your voucher redemption code will arrive shortly after.

If you placed your order in the Clubcard app, your code will appear in the 'my rewards' section within 15 minutes, in addition to the email.

To redeem your code, visit Tesco's Delivery Saver web page and enter your code when asked.

Of course, you may also want to consider checking other supermarkets' delivery saver schemes in comparison; Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's all offer a variety of different plans depending on your needs. 

'I will have to shop elsewhere'

Tesco shoppers have vented their frustration about the shake-up on Twitter and on our Forum. Here's a selection of some of the comments we've seen: 

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