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Apple TV+ hiked from £4.99 a month to £6.99 – here's all you need to know

If you're an Apple TV+ subscriber your next monthly bill will rise from £4.99 to £6.99 after the company said it is raising prices due to increasing licensing costs. But remember you can leave penalty free or, if you're an avid Apple user and have other subscriptions, such as Apple Music, it might be worth considering Apple One.

If the increase prompts you to reconsider your subscription, check out our Watch movies and TV online guide, which includes info on free legal streaming.

You'll be charged more from your next bill on or after 24 October 

Apple TV+ increased its monthly price to £6.99 at the start of this week (24 October). From then on you'll see your bill increase. So if you pay your subscription on the 30th of every month, you'll be charged £6.99 on 30 October.

Apple TV+ currently offers one tier for its customers, so the price change will impact all users - though Apple wouldn't tell us how many people are affected. We've asked Apple if it is considering offering multiple plans (such as basic, standard and premium) at different costs, but it declined to comment. 

It's worth noting that Apple Music is also increasing to £10.99 a month from £9.99 a month, while Apple One is also increasing (see below for more on this). 

Use multiple Apple services? It might be worth joining Apple One

If you're an Apple TV+ customer and pay separately for its other services, such as Apple Music, iCloud+ or gaming service Arcade, it might be worth signing up to Apple One, a bundle service that combines all of Apple's offerings into a cheaper package. 

Apple One offers three plans for its customers but they are also increasing in price:

  • The individual plan is increasing by £2 from £14.95 a month to £16.95 a month.
  • The family plan is increasing by £3 from £19.95 a month to £22.95 a month.
  • The premier plan is increasing by £3 from £29.95 a month to £32.95 a month.

Depending on which Apple One package you choose, you could save between around £7 and £23 a month.  For example, if you're paying for the service yourself and don't plan on sharing the cost, an individual plan gives you Apple TV+, Apple Music, Arcade and 50GB of iCloud+. 

But if you were paying separately for each service, you'd be paying the following prices under the individual plan:

  • £6.99 a month for Apple TV+. 
  • £10.99 a month for Apple Music (for the individual plan). 
  • £4.99 a month for Arcade. 
  • 79p for 500GB for iCloud+. 

This totals £23.67 a month - £6.81 more than the cheapest Apple One package. 

It is free to switch to Apple One and you can cancel penalty-free at any time. If you don't currently have any of the Apple services that would be included in your Apple One plan, then you'll get a free trial for a month. 

Consider switching if the increase to your Apple TV+ subscription is too much

Apple TV+ can be cancelled at any time penalty-free – so if you no longer want an account, you can stop your membership by logging in, selecting your account, 'settings', 'subscriptions' and then 'manage subscription'. From there you'll see the option to cancel it.  

If you cancel midway through your billing cycle, you'll be able to carry on using your account until the next billing date. 

We've full info on alternatives to Apple TV+, which could be cheaper or even free, in our Watch movies and TV online guide. We also round up free trials for you to test before you buy. 

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