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Safe Hands customer? Here are your latest refund and funeral plan rights

If you're one of the 46,000 Safe Hands customers left in the lurch after the funeral provider went bust in March - and you can't get a refund from your card firm - you'll need to contact Safe Hands' administrator to get your money back - though you'll only receive up to 20% of what you're owed. You also need to consider alternative funeral arrangements as Safe Hands' plans will not be honoured from November.

14 October 2022

MSE joins campaigners calling on Liz Truss to find the "quickest and most effective" way to shield consumers from online scams and its founder Martin Lewis have joined forces with a number of campaign groups and organisations to urge the Prime Minister to push the scams element of the Online Safety Bill through Parliament as quickly as possible in a bid to end the "constant perpetuation of online fraud".

14 October 2022

Netflix to launch £4.99 monthly plan but you'll have to watch adverts - here's what's happening

Netflix is to launch a new plan on 3 November, which at £4.99 a month will be its cheapest offering. However, adverts will interrupt your viewing. Below we explain what's changing and analyse how the new plan compares.

13 October 2022

Low income families in Scotland to receive extra cash this winter - check if you're eligible and how to get it

Around 145,000 low income families in Scotland will automatically receive an extra £130 to help with the cost of living this winter. We explain how to check if you're eligible and how you'll get the payment.

11 October 2022

Barclays launches new cash withdrawal service at 1,000s of shops, pubs and cafes – and anyone can use it

Thousands more local businesses across the UK will now let shoppers withdraw from 1p to £100 in cash for free – without them having to buy anything – as part of a new initiative by high street bank Barclays.

10 October 2022

Martin Lewis on mortgage rates: 'Millions can save £10,000s overpaying their mortgage – but others should save instead. Which are you?'

Mortgage rates are rocketing. Many are asking: 'Should I overpay my mortgage?' Here's Martin Lewis' answer.

6 October 2022

Pension scam strategies revealed - here are the most common tricks to watch out for

Common tactics used by fraudsters to con victims out of their pensions have been revealed by the financial watchdog. The alert comes as more people are withdrawing pension savings as a result of the cost of living crisis.

6 October 2022

Aged 18 to 20? Check you're not missing out on £1,000s in a forgotten Child Trust Fund – here's how

If you were born on or after 1 September 2002 and you're now over 18, there could be a stash of cash worth £100s or even £1,000s waiting for you in a dormant account, known as a Child Trust Fund (CTF).

6 October 2022