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Easyjet extends voucher validity for trips disrupted by Covid-19 pandemic - here's what you need to know 

Easyjet passengers who accepted vouchers for Covid-19 disrupted flights or holidays have now got until 31 January 2024 to use them, as the airline has extended their validity for a further six months. Below we've got all you need to know about the extension. 

If your flight's been delayed or cancelled, see our Flight delays and cancellations guide for full details on your compensation and refund rights.

You should also check the validity of any other travel vouchers issued during the pandemic. For example, British Airways has also extended its voucher validity for passengers affected by Covid-19 disrupted flights to September 2024. 

All Easyjet vouchers issued during the pandemic have been extended

During disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Easyjet customers who had flights delayed or cancelled were able to swap their payment for a voucher to redeem with the firm at a later date. 

Easyjet had previously said that all vouchers would expire by 31 July 2023, but this has now been extended for a further six months until 31 January 2024The extension is automatic and you don't need to do anything to qualify for it. EasyJet said it would let customers know via email.

You don't need to have flown by 31 January 2023, you only need to have booked your flights on or by this date.  You can only use the voucher on flights though; it can't be redeemed against an Easyjet package holiday. 

We've asked Easyjet if affected customers can swap vouchers for a cash refund instead and whether those who have partially redeemed their voucher will be issued the remaining balance with the extended date. We've also asked Easyjet how many vouchers are yet to be redeemed. We will update this story when we know more. 

According to the airline's financial results, at the end of September 2022 there was £111 million in vouchers still to be redeemed.

Flight cancelled? You're entitled to a refund or alternative flight

You're entitled to a full refund or alternative flight if your flight is cancelled. This applies regardless of how long before the flight you were told of the cancellation and regardless of what caused the cancellation. 

If you end up stuck at the airport or abroad, you can also claim back other costs.

If your flight was cancelled within 14 days of departure or you were delayed for three hours or more and it's the airline's fault for the cancellation, you may also be due compensation on top.

See our Flight delay and cancellation compensation guide for further details on your rights, who is eligible for compensation and how to make a claim. 

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