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Expect your mobile to go off at 3pm on Sunday as new emergency alerts are tested - here's which phones will ring and what it'll sound like

Public emergency alerts, which will use the 4G and 5G mobile networks, enable urgent messages to be broadcast to a defined area when there is an imminent risk to life, such as wildfires or severe flooding.

18 April 2023

Why energy bills are rising this month despite the postponement of 20% price hikes

Energy bills are rising for many this month despite the postponement of a 20% planned price increase in April.

14 April 2023

On heating oil, LPG or other fuels? Check if you can get £200 towards your bills as Government expands support scheme

The Government has confirmed it will now accept receipts dating back to 1 June 2022 as evidence – a three-month extension on the previous September 2022 cut-off.

12 April 2023

Sainsbury's launches new 'Nectar Prices' scheme with up to 60% off 100s of items – but are the discounts any good?

Most of the savings range between 15% and 60% off, so if you're planning to buy these items at Sainsbury's anyway, then showing your Nectar card, or getting one if you don't already have one, is a no-brainer.

11 April 2023

Many British Gas smart meter customers STILL can't track their energy usage - so make sure you take regular meter readings

British Gas smart meter customers are still unable to track their energy usage, with some complaining they have been unable to check consumption on the firm's app, website and in-house display for over a year.

6 April 2023

Fixed mortgage deals get cheaper – now from 3.8% despite base rate rise – so should you fix?

Lenders are still cutting interest rates on fixed mortgages despite the base rate continuing to rise. It means a significant gap has opened between the best fixes and variable deals.

6 April 2023

Tesco is making five major changes impacting Clubcard earnings at the forecourts and more - here's everything you need to know

Tesco is making five major changes over the coming three months, which include changing the number of Clubcard points you earn at it forecourts from one point per £2 to one point per two litres of fuel from 14 June.

3 April 2023

On universal credit and struggling to pay your mortgage? Check if you can get help with the interest as Government scheme is expanded

An extra 200,000 homeowners on universal credit are now eligible for state help with their mortgage repayments as changes to the 'support for mortgage interest' scheme have kicked in on 3 April.

3 April 2023