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Tesco is making five major changes impacting Clubcard earnings at the forecourts and more - here's everything you need to know

Tesco is making five major changes over the coming three months, which include changing the number of Clubcard points you earn at it forecourts from one point per £2 to one point per two litres of fuel from 14 June. Other changes will impact the Clubcard rewards scheme, online grocery shoppers, users of the supermarket's app, and Tesco Mobile customers. We've got all you need to know below.

In the meantime if you've got a Clubcard, find out how to get back lost Clubcard vouchers, then boost them to their maximum value via our Reclaim and boost Tesco vouchers guide.

1. Fill-up at Tesco forecourts? Do so by 14 June to maximise Clubcard points

From 14 June, instead of collecting one Clubcard point for every £2 you spend on fuel, you'll get one point for every two litres of fuel you buy. 

The current price of two litres of unleaded in the UK stands at around £2.90 on average, according to the RAC, while it's around £3.20 for two litres of diesel. So assuming prices remain above £1 a litre until 14 June, the change means you'll have to spend more on fuel to earn the same number of Clubcard points. 

On the flip side, if fuel prices fall to below £1 a litre, you'll earn more Clubcard points from 14 June than under the current scheme's format. Average unleaded prices last dropped to below £1 a litre in May 2020, while diesel prices last dipped below this threshold in 2016, according to the RAC. 

This change applies to all Tesco Petrol filling stations. It won't apply to Esso stations with a Tesco Express, meaning you'll still be able to collect 1 point for every £3 spend. Tesco Bank customers who use their credit card as a Clubcard to collect points and to pay for fuel will also be impacted.  

2. Planning to swap Clubcard points for rewards? Do so by 14 June to triple their value

When you collect Clubcard points, you can convert them to Tesco vouchers to use at the store – for example, 500 points are usually worth £5. But if you exchange your vouchers for codes to spend with Tesco's 'Reward Partners', 500 points become worth £15. Partners include, Pizza Express, Legoland and 100s of other retailers. 

But from 14 June, you'll only be able to double your Tesco Clubcard points when using them to spend at the supermarket's various reward partners. This is a downgrade to the current scheme, which lets you triple the value of points. The supermarket says the shake-up will allow it to maintain a wide range of Clubcard rewards.

When you swap Clubcard points for rewards vouchers, they usually expire after six months. But Tesco is  extending the validity of rewards for an additional six months leading up to 14 June. Any Reward Partner codes ordered before this date will now be valid for 12 months from the date of issue, so there's plenty of time to spend them on the current rate - as long as you swap them by 11:59pm on 13 June.

3. Shop online at Tesco? From 2 May you'll need to spend more to avoid its minimum basket fee, which is also rising 

From 2 May, the minimum amount you need to spend on home delivery to avoid being charged is increasing from £40 to £50. The minimum basket value for click and collect deliveries - where you order online but collect from stores - will, however, remain at £25.

In addition, the amount you're charged if your order doesn't meet the minimum spend will also rise from £4 to £5. You'll continue to earn Clubcard points on the minimum spend fee itself. 

These changes apply to orders placed from 2 May onwards - the current thresholds and fees will still apply to orders placed before for delivery on or after this date. The shake-up also applies to those who pay monthly or upfront for the cost of Tesco home or click and collect deliveries via a 'Delivery Saver' plan.

4. Download Tesco's revamped 'Clubcard & Grocery' app by 18 April as its 'Pay+' and 'Clubcard' apps are closing

Tesco's standalone 'Clubcard' app closes on Tuesday 18 April. You can currently use this app to scan a digital version of your Clubcard at the checkout in store, as well as to view and spend your vouchers.

Meanwhile, the 'Tesco Pay+' app closed on Monday 27 February. This let you store your credit or debit card and Clubcard details, so that when shopping in a Tesco store, you could scan a single barcode in the app to quickly pay and collect Clubcard points. 

To access both of these separate services going forward, you'll now need to download the 'Tesco Grocery and Clubcard' app. It's available for free on Android and iPhone and you will not lose any points, vouchers or coupons. See our Tesco app shake-up MSE News story for full details on how to do this.

It's important to note, while they have similar names, the changes above won't affect 'Tesco Clubcard Pay+' debit card holders, or those with a 'Clubcard Plus' subscription. Clubcard Pay+ is a prepaid card that gives you one Clubcard point for every £8 spent outside Tesco (on top of the usual points earned at the supermarket), while Clubcard Plus gives you 10% off your shopping twice a month, plus other perks, for £7.99 a month.

5. Tesco Mobile user? You'll be charged for data roaming in Europe if you've joined or upgraded a pay-monthly contract since 16 June 2022

If you've joined or upgraded a pay-monthly contract with Tesco Mobile since 16 June 2022, you'll be charged to use data roaming services in Europe from next year. This means you'll have to pay to use your mobile data in 48 European countries and destinations – though you'll still be able to use your included calls and texts at no extra cost.

Tesco Mobile – which piggybacks on O2's network – doesn't yet know what these roaming charges will cost, or when exactly they'll come into force in 2024.

If you're unhappy with the changes, you can't cancel penalty-free as these were written into contracts from 16 June 2022 onwards. However, if you joined or upgraded before 16 June 2022, you won't be charged the new fees unless you choose to upgrade your plan. 

Of course, you should always check you're on a cheap deal first and compare prices with other major providers factoring in their roaming costs if this is important to you. O2 has pledged to continue offering free mobile roaming in Europe – and many smaller providers also continue to offer free roaming. Use our Cheap Mobile Finder tool to compare deals. 

Tesco Mobile customers on pay-as-you-go contracts are not impacted by the reintroduction of roaming fees because they already pay by usage both in the UK and abroad.

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