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London bus and Tube fares to jump by the biggest amount in a decade - here's what you need to know

Londoners who use the Tube and bus will have to pay more from 5 March, London mayor Sadiq Khan has announced today. Single Tube fares will rise by 30p in Zone 1 and by between 10p and 30p across the rest of the Underground network. Single bus fares will rise by 10p. 

Fares will increase on average by around 5.9% across Transport for London (TfL), the biggest price hike in a decade. It's the third time TfL controlled fares have increased since 2016, after Mr Khan froze prices between 2016 and 2021.

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How TfL fares are changing from 5 March

How London travel fares are changing

Method of transport Current price Price from 5 March
Tube Zone 1 (peak) £2.50 £2.80* (+30p)
Bus and tram £1.65 £1.75 (+10p)
Tube Zones 1-4 (daily cap)


£11.70 (+70p)

Bus and tram (daily cap) £4.95 £5.25 (+30p)

*Off-peak Tube zone 1 fares will be £2.70 (up 20p). 

Hopper fares, which allow unlimited travel on bus and tram services within an hour, will continue. For more information on daily caps and the charges you could face, head to the TfL website.

Mr Khan says TfL fares have to increase in line with average rail fare hikes as part of an emergency funding agreement made after the pandemic. Regulated rail fares in England will also rise by 5.9% on 5 March. 

Holders of the 60+ Oyster card and Older Person’s Freedom Pass will remain eligible for unlimited free travel on TfL’s services from 9am on Mondays to Fridays and at all times at weekends and bank holidays. Free or discounted travel for under 18s will also remain. 

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