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London Underground

London bus and Tube fares to jump by the biggest amount in a decade - here's what you need to know

Londoners who use the Tube and bus will have to pay more from 5 March, London mayor Sadiq Khan has announced today. Single Tube fares will rise by 30p in Zone 1 and by between 10p and 30p across the rest of the Underground network. Single bus fares will rise by 10p.

18 January 2023

Fares for London bus and tube passengers to jump by the biggest amount in a decade – here’s what is happening

Londoners who use the tube and bus will have to pay more, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced today. Single tube fares will rise by 10p in Zone 1 and between 10p and 30p across the rest of the underground network.

14 February 2022

TfL to shake up Oyster card deposit refunds – check if you can get cash back

Transport for London customers who buy an Oyster card from Sun 23 Feb will only be able to get their £5 deposit refunded if they keep the card for more than a year

10 February 2020

London passengers overpay £184m for pricey travelcards – here's how to avoid paying extra

Over 37 million peak daily London travelcards were bought over the last five years, can reveal – even though they're ALWAYS more expensive than paying by Oyster card or contactless

12 December 2019

Got an unused Oyster card? You could claim a share of £350m

Millions of London commuters and visitors could pocket a share of the almost £350 million floating around on unused Oyster cards

13 November 2018

Millions of Londoners using unregistered Oyster cards - here's why you should register yours

Millions of Londoners risk not being able to get a refund if their Oyster card is lost or stolen

9 April 2018

Have you got an unused Oyster card lying around? You can claim part of £223m if so

Transport for London is now sitting on £223m in unused Oyster card credit, its latest figures have revealed

8 August 2016

London Tube and bus fares to rise by 1%

Tube and bus fares in London will rise by 1% on average from 2 January 2016

13 November 2015

Tube fares to rise 2.5% next year, but daily usage caps will fall

Tube fares will increase by slightly less next year than they did this year, but the daily cap for PAYG users will fall

11 November 2014

Contactless payments scheme launches on the London Underground

From today millions of people will be able to travel on the London Underground using contactless payment cards

16 September 2014