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Tonnes of toiletries dumped at UK airport security – here's what you CAN take in your hand luggage

Tonnes of standard-sized aerosols and perfumes had to be dumped at UK airports last year because passengers tried to take them through security

9 July 2019

British Airways set to be fined £183m over data breach

British Airways is facing a fine of £183.39 million after a data breach last year

8 July 2019

Airports hike 'kiss and fly' drop-off charges – how to beat them

Eight major airports across the UK have upped the cost of dropping off passengers over the last year, a MoneySavingExpert investigation reveals - and one now charges a whopping £7 for a 10-minute drop-off. But at most airports it's possible to beat the fees and drop off for free if you know where to go - we've full airport-by-airport help below

1 July 2019

Most expensive airport for 10-min 'kiss and fly' drop-off cuts charges

East Midlands Airport has announced it is to slash the cost of dropping off a passenger at the terminal – just days after revealed it was charging the highest fees for a 10-minute set-down of any major UK airport

24 June 2019

British Airways pilots could strike this summer – your rights

Thousands of British Airways pilots are to be balloted for strike action in a dispute over pay - and could end up striking as early as August. It's unclear what disruption this could cause, but if it does go ahead here's what you need to know

20 June 2019

'I renewed my EHIC – then dodged a bill for £1,000s weeks later when I broke my ankle'

A MoneySaver who renewed her European Health Insurance Card after reading a reminder in the MSE weekly email has told how she ended up fracturing her ankle in four places just a few weeks later, on a cruise holiday to Norway. Having a valid EHIC meant she was able to avoid being billed for her two-week stay in hospital though - here's her full story and how to make sure you're protected

20 June 2019

Booking a holiday with Thomas Cook, Tui etc? How to make sure you're protected

Travel firms have been facing turbulent times due to factors including Brexit. Here are some steps to boost your protection

21 May 2019

Passengers could face 50p charge to cover airline collapses

Airlines should contribute to a centrally held fund to protect stranded passengers in case a carrier goes bust

9 May 2019

More than 5,000 travellers hit by booking fraud in 2018

Fraudsters used holiday booking scams to steal more than £7 million from travellers last year, according to a new report

7 May 2019

EHIC renewals drop 23% in the Brexit run-up – even though travellers DO still need one

The number of people with a valid European Health Insurance Card has dropped by more than 450,000 since last year, with renewals plummeting in the first quarter of 2019 as the UK prepares to leave the EU, can reveal

29 April 2019

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