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Train journey affected by strikes or the overtime ban ? Here are your refund rights

Rail users across England, Scotland and Wales face disruption over the coming week as workers across multiple train operators take strike action, while others are also refusing to work overtime.

6 September 2023

Flight disrupted due to air traffic control chaos? Your travel and refund rights explained

Thousands of passengers have been left stranded as flights due to fly to and from the UK have been cancelled or delayed as a result of a technical glitch with the UK's air traffic control system.

29 August 2023

Clean air 'ULEZ' expanded to whole of London – here's how to check if you'll be charged £12.50 a trip

Motorists driving in London whose vehicles don't meet particular emission standards will be charged £12.50 a day from 29 August as the city's 'Ultra Low Emission Zone' has been expanded to cover all London boroughs.

29 August 2023

Rail fares in England to rise by less than 9% in 2024 – here's what we know

Rail fares in England will NOT go up by 9% next year, the Government has announced. While the new fares are yet to be confirmed, any increase would come into force in March 2024.

16 August 2023

Wizz Air passengers could get £100s back as airline is forced to review wrongly rejected refund claims – here's what you need to know

If your Wizz Air flight has been delayed or cancelled in the past six years AND the airline refused to refund you for additional costs incurred, such as replacement flights, you may now be able to get your money back.

28 July 2023

Action to tackle 'confusing' roaming policies welcomed by Martin Lewis after MSE campaign – though support won't be in place this summer

Mobile providers will be forced to send mandatory roaming alerts to travellers under new plans outlined by telecoms regulator Ofcom today.

20 July 2023

Airports hike fees to 'kiss and fly' by as much as two thirds - how to beat them

Many airports' fees to drop off passengers have soared by two thirds in the last year, and three airports now have a minimum charge of at least £6, a investigation reveals.

17 July 2023

First Direct debit card goes fee-free for overseas spending meaning near-perfect exchange rates

First Direct has scrapped all fees for overseas spending and cash withdrawals on its debit card for both new and existing customers, can reveal.

30 June 2023

Jobseekers urged to apply for FREE railcard giving 50% off fares

Jobseekers are being encouraged to use a discount card that gets them 50% off rail travel

22 May 2023

Thousands of single bus journeys in England to be capped until December 2024 - here's all you need to know

The fare for thousands of single bus journeys in England will be capped at £2 until 31 October 2023, and at £2.50 until 30 November 2024.

17 May 2023