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Councils taking days to repair severe potholes

Councils' targets for fixing the most severe potholes on their roads vary wildly, with repairs taking minutes in some areas and up to three days elsewhere, according to new data

18 January 2019

Ryanair increases baggage fees

Ryanair has raised the cost of flying with a 10kg bag by hiking hold luggage and priority boarding prices, after twice cutting its cabin baggage allowance last year

14 January 2019

Martin Lewis calls on Ryanair boss to refund passengers hit with name-change charges

MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis has called on the chief executives of Ryanair and the Civil Aviation Authority to investigate an apparent name-change booking 'glitch' which has cost many passengers at least £115 to fix - and presented them with a dossier detailing over 160 reports of the problem

14 January 2019

1,000 back petition demanding Ryanair refund name-change charges

Ryanair passengers have set up a petition calling on the airline to refund customers who claim they've been unfairly charged £115 to change the name on their booking, after MSE revealed a raft of complaints about the issue

10 January 2019

New railcard to extend child fares to 16 and 17-year-olds

A new railcard will be launched this year to let 16 and 17-year-olds buy half-price train tickets, the Government has announced

2 January 2019

Ryanair complaints flood in over name-change 'glitch' which could cost £115 to fix

Ryanair customers have inundated us with complaints that it is unfairly charging them £115 to change their name, insisting it was the airline that messed up their bookings - and we are urging Ryanair to prove it has a heart and show leniency

2 January 2019

26-30 Railcard now on sale

The long awaited railcard will finally go on sale today - 2 January

2 January 2019

Technical issue causes disruption at Birmingham Airport – your rights

Birmingham Airport has resumed operations after a technical glitch temporarily grounded flights

24 December 2018

Tens of thousands of passengers face disruption after Gatwick runway closure – your rights

Tens of thousands of passengers are facing delays and cancellations after the runway at Gatwick Airport was closed due to drones being flown nearby - if you're affected, here's what you need to know

24 December 2018

Thousands of Nectar points wiped from rail passengers' accounts

Nectar card holders claim they have had thousands of points wiped from their accounts after buying tickets from London North Eastern Railway - if you're affected the issue should be resolved today

19 December 2018

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