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Electric Ireland to stop supplying homes in Northern Ireland – here's what it means for you

If you get your electricity from Electric Ireland, you'll have to switch in the future, as the provider will stop supplying all 53,000 of its household customers in Northern Ireland over time – though there's no change for now. Here's what you need to know.

For more information on energy in Northern Ireland, including switching options, heating oil prices and grants available, see our full Cheap Northern Ireland energy guide.

Electric Ireland customer? There's NO change to your electricity supply for now

Electric Ireland has announced plans to stop supplying electricity to households in Northern Ireland at some point in the future, though no specific date has been set yet. 

The firm says it will contact households, prioritising those in vulnerable circumstances, to guide them through the next steps.

The Northern Ireland Utility Regulator also told that it's working with Electric Ireland to ensure consumers are "protected and kept fully informed" throughout the process.
For now though, there's no change to your supply, billing or customer service contacts.

Electric Ireland does not supply gas to households in Northern Ireland, so this move has no impact on your gas supply.

But you will need to switch in future

Electric Ireland says households in NI will need to switch their electricity elsewhere in future – though we don't yet know when households should begin this process.
It added that those who are in contract will be able to switch away at no cost, though it's unclear how long this fee waiver will apply for – we've asked Electric Ireland and will update this story when we know more. In the meantime, check if you'll be charged any early exit fees before switching. 
There are only five energy firms that provide electricity in Northern Ireland. How much you can save depends on whether you're on a credit meter or prepay, plus where you live and your usage.

The Consumer Council for Northern Ireland – an independent body with a legal responsibility to protect consumers' interests – has a free market comparison tool, to help you to find your cheapest deal. Alternatively, you can try the free Power to Switch tool, which compares electricity (and gas) tariffs in Northern Ireland.

For more info, you can also see our full Cheap Northern Ireland energy guide.

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