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E.on prepay customers 'left without heating' after thousands of top-ups delayed

Furious E.on pay-as-you-go energy customers say they've been left without heating and power in the middle of winter after their online top-ups failed to go through. But you can top-up over the phone in the meantime if you're struggling online

6 January 2021

Energy autoswitching to be trialled and Warm Home Discount payments to rise under Government shake-up

Autoswitching households to cheaper energy deals is to be tested under new Government plans to keep gas and electricity bills affordable, while Warm Home Discount payments will increase

14 December 2020

Winter fuel payment recipients urged to check details after 60,000+ letters with incorrect information sent out

Tens of thousands of people who are eligible for winter fuel payments are being urged to check their details after 60,000+ letters on the scheme were sent out with incorrect information, which in a small number of cases could affect how much you're paid. Here's what to watch out for and what you need to do

4 December 2020

Utilita faces new customer ban after installing smart meters that don't always work when you switch

Energy supplier Utilita is facing a ban on taking on new customers after installing old first generation smart meters that often don't work when households switch

27 November 2020

Households face £21 coronavirus energy price rise – which could mean new price cap jumps by over £80 in total

Households on standard variable (SVR) tariffs face bills rising by £21 on average next year as the energy regulator has proposed increasing its national price cap to help suppliers cover coronavirus costs – but you're already likely to be overpaying by hundreds on these deals

20 November 2020

Green Homes Grant extended by a year

The Green Homes Grant scheme, which currently offers homeowners vouchers worth up to £5,000 to help cover the cost of making their homes more energy efficient, will be extended for a year

18 November 2020

Utilita to pay £500,000 for overcharging its customers

Energy firm Utilita has agreed to pay a redress package of £500,000 after overcharging almost 40,000 of its prepayment customers

29 October 2020

Green Homes Grant 'a flop' with as few as one in six homeowners who apply able to find installers

A new snapshot poll from founder Martin Lewis lays bare some of the problems with the new Green Homes Grant scheme

20 October 2020

New measures to help vulnerable energy customers revealed

Energy firms will have to offer emergency credit to prepayment customers who are struggling to top up their meters under a package of new measures revealed by regulator Ofgem, designed to help vulnerable customers stay connected

19 October 2020

MSE launches energy market game-changer – the UK's first free, full auto-compare-and-switch service

MSE is launching its Autoswitch service – designed to shake up the entire energy market

21 September 2020

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