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Universal Credit and other benefit claimants in Northern Ireland to get £200 towards energy bills - here's what you need to know

It comes as part of a new £55 million support package designed to help around 280,000 people with the cost of living.

14 January 2022

Been transferred to a new energy firm from a bust supplier? Check you're not paying twice

We've seen reports from scores of customers who pay by direct debit saying they have had payments taken from both suppliers – if that's you, here's what you can do.

24 December 2021

PayPoint hands £12.5m to energy charities following four-year investigation into market abuse

PayPoint has been told to shake-up its services and donate £12.5 million to energy regulator Ofgem's redress fund, which largely supports vulnerable households, following a four-year investigation into market abuse.

23 November 2021

Welsh households on universal credit and other benefits to get £100 towards energy bills

Universal credit claimants and those in receipt of certain means-tested benefits will get £100 towards their energy bills this winter, the Welsh Government has announced. It comes as part of a new £51 million support package designed to help around 350,000 people with the cost of living.

16 November 2021

Ampoweruk, Bluegreen Energy, Omni Energy and Zebra Power cease trading – here's what it means for your gas and electricity

If you're affected, your supply will continue and credit balances are protected. While it's likely you'll pay more now, there are no savings to be had by switching.

12 November 2021

Household energy price cap to be reviewed as gas and electricity prices soar

The energy price cap, which governs the maximum households can be charged per unit of gas and electricity, is to be reviewed as wholesale prices soar. Energy regulator Ofgem has today written an open letter to suppliers saying that it will look at the methodology used to determine the new cap due to take force in April 2022.

29 October 2021

Martin Lewis: Avoid pressure to switch to a new fixed energy deal once your current one ends founder Martin Lewis has reaffirmed his message to consumers to sit tight and avoid switching to a new fixed-price energy deal.

26 October 2021

Watch Martin Lewis's energy bills crisis emergency help video as prices soar

Martin Lewis has warned that anyone coming off a cheap, fixed energy deal faces a huge bill shock with the cheapest tariffs now costing 40% more than they did last year. In a new video, the founder explains why energy prices are at an all-time high and what you can to do about it.

20 September 2021

Martin's WARNING: Your energy bill's about to JUMP by £100s – here are my 11 need-to-knows

The cheapest deals cost 40% more than a year ago, and are still rising. Fail to act & you'll face a huge bill SHOCK. This autumn's signature noise will be a deep thud... the sound of jaws hitting the floor, as people finally see the practical evidence of the energy bill catastrophe laid bare.

14 September 2021

British Gas to delay rise in direct debits for millions on standard tariffs over winter - but many could save £139/yr by switching

British Gas has announced it will keep direct debits for 2.3 million customers the same this winter, despite huge price hikes that'll hit next month. It says it will keep an extra £50 in customers' pockets – but most will likely be far better off switching.

2 September 2021