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Chase to raise minimum pay-in for cashback to £1,500 a month – here's what to do if you won't spend that much

If you're a Chase customer, you'll soon need to pay in at least £1,500 a month to qualify for its 1% debit card cashback offer. But depending on when you signed up, this change won't take effect immediately – and you can work around it if you'll spend less than £1,500 each month.

28 February 2024

Chase to make big changes to its bank account in April – does it still stack up?

Chase has announced updates which will impact its current account for both new and existing customers. Here's what it means for both new and existing customers.

17 February 2023

Santander launches new 'Edge' current account paying 1% cashback on household bills and supermarket spend – here's our take on if it is worth it

Santander has launched its new 'Edge' current account, replacing the popular 123 Lite account which is no longer available to new customers. But is the new product worth it?

22 November 2022

Shoppers will be able to withdraw cash in more than 2,000 stores across the UK without having to buy anything or pay a fee

More than 2,000 retailers will allow shoppers to withdraw cash at the checkout without needing to buy an item or pay a fee by the end of the year.

1 December 2021

Nationwide to scrap cashback on its credit cards

Over a million Nationwide credit card holders will lose their 0.25% cashback deal in December, as the building society is scrapping this perk for its Select and Cash Reward cards

30 October 2020

Shoppers to be able to get cashback without buying anything under new proposals

Consumers would be able to get cashback from shops without making a purchase under new Government proposals, which are designed to protect access to cash

15 October 2020

Martin Lewis says Santander 123 is now a dead duck current account as it cuts interest and cashback

Santander will be slashing current account interest to 1% on its popular 123 account this spring, and introducing a single overdraft interest rate of 39.9%

21 January 2020

Barclays to hike Blue Rewards fee to £4/mth

Barclays will increase the cost of its Blue Rewards scheme from £3 to £4 per month this summer, can reveal

24 May 2019

Asda credit card rewards to be slashed

Asda Money is to cut the amount of credit card 'cashback' you can earn on non-Asda spending by more than half

26 February 2018

Amex phases in cashback cuts to loyal Platinum customers

Some Amex Platinum cardholders who've had their card for more than 15 months will see their cashback cut next year

20 November 2017