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Nationwide launches cashback credit and debit card scheme: is it any good?

Nationwide debit and credit card customers can earn between 1%-35% cashback at selected in-store and online retailers

17 November 2015

Beware: cashback sites pay different rates to different people

Shoppers should beware that some retailers offer different cashback rates to different customers on the very same deal

27 October 2015

Got an AA reward credit card? You won't earn loyalty points or cashback from October

AA credit card customers whose card is issued by MBNA should redeem their points as soon as possible

11 September 2015

Capital One axes cardholder cashback. Are you hit?

Capital One is completely axing cashback for some of its cardholders and reducing the amount others can earn from 1 June

7 April 2015

Santander credit or debit card user? You can now earn even more cashback

Santander debit and credit card users can earn up to 15% cashback on spending from today

5 November 2014

Energy cashback saved from total Ofgem ban

Comparison sites will still be able to pay cashback to consumers who switch after lobbying by

1 January 2014

Aqua axes 3% cashback credit card – should you ditch and switch?

Aqua is slashing the amount you can earn in cashback on its credit card from 3% to 0.5% in January

15 November 2013

Halifax unveils debit card cashback, but is it worth switching to?

Halifax becomes the latest bank to announce cashback for debit card holders - but is its deal any good?

28 August 2013

RBS and NatWest launch limited cashback on debit cards: Is it any good?

From tomorrow RBS and NatWest customers can earn at least 1% cashback on some purchases made using their debit card

11 August 2013

Quidco users pushed into premium or free cashback services

Cashback giant Quidco has revamped its charges, placing some into a free service and others into a fee-paying one

16 April 2013