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Child Benefit

Have you been missing out on tax credits for your disabled child? You could be owed £1,000s

Thousands of households entitled to refund from the Government after missing out on tax credits for disabled children

28 November 2016

Parents of young children, act now to protect your FULL state pension entitlement

New parents are missing out on national insurance credits because they're failing to claim child benefit

12 November 2016

Got kids who've just finished their exams? Tell the taxman

If your child's still studying or starting approved training, tell HMRC or risk losing child tax credits and benefit

30 August 2016

Thousands vent Twitter fury at HMRC over long call waits

Frustrated callers tweeted HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) more than 11,500 times over the past year to complain

9 September 2015

Child support arrears could be added to credit files

Parents who fail to pay child maintenance could find their information's passed to credit reference agencies

5 November 2014

Disability and carer's allowance claimaints to suffer as inflation falls

Disability and carers benefits are likely to rise by just 1.2% next April after inflation figures fell to a 5-year low

15 October 2014

Child benefit deadline for higher earners looms

Around 220,000 people who earn over £50,000 and receive child benefit should register for tax self-assessment

4 October 2013

Child benefit cut to hit 1 million next Monday explains what the changes, first announced last March, mean for you and what your options are

2 January 2013

Apply for winter fuel payments now to ease energy worries

Some households will be eligible for winter fuel and cold weather payments to help with cutting energy bills

27 November 2012

Are you a child benefit loser? Full Q&A

Over a million families will soon be told they could lose their child benefit entitlement next year, or have it reduced

30 October 2012

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