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Child Benefit

Child benefit cut to hit 1 million next Monday explains what the changes, first announced last March, mean for you and what your options are

2 January 2013

Apply for winter fuel payments now to ease energy worries

Some households will be eligible for winter fuel and cold weather payments to help with cutting energy bills

27 November 2012

Are you a child benefit loser? Full Q&A

Over a million families will soon be told they could lose their child benefit entitlement next year, or have it reduced

30 October 2012

Child benefit cut: full Q&A on how it works

The Chancellor partly reversed a cut in child benefit, but there is still plenty of confusion. See our Q&A for help

22 March 2012

Budget 2012: Child benefit cut partially reversed

More families will be entitled to help to bring up kids, though anomalies still exist

21 March 2012

Budget 2012 round-up: Pensioners the big losers

While the over 65s will be worse off, low and middle income earners could gain £220 a year. Other taxes will also rise

21 March 2012

'Rethink' over child benefit changes

Chancellor George Osborne is poised to water down plans to strip higher earners of child benefit, it has been reported

5 March 2012

Chancellor: child benefit cut will go ahead

George Osborne says it is only fair child benefit is removed from higher-rate taxpayers, following speculation of a Government rethink

13 January 2012

80,000 more families to get help with childcare costs

Rules limiting childcare support to parents working a minimum of 16 hours a week are to be scrapped from 2013

7 October 2011

OFT targets copycat websites

The OFT has opened investigations into sites that charge for services that are available for free or for a lower price

14 July 2011