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Ebico hikes some customers' bills by £100/year

The change will hit customers on the Ebico Zero tariff – one of the few deals on the market without standing charges – on 29 November

23 October 2018

SSE pays £665,000 in compensation and goodwill owing to delayed switches

SE has paid £665,000 compensation after taking almost six months to switch some customers on to a new tariff

28 June 2018

Moved from Ebico to SSE? You need to check your bills now

Ebico customers who moved to SSE for their gas and electricity need to check their bills now

19 July 2017

Not-for-profit energy provider launches, but is Robin Hood Energy any good?

Nottingham City Council has launched

16 September 2015

Co-op hit by customer service backlash in MSE energy poll

Co-op Energy has drastically fallen down the customer services rankings over the last six months

8 June 2015

Energy providers must soon tell you about ALL their cheaper tariffs

Energy firms must tell customers about cheaper tariffs available from their other brands under new rules

3 June 2015

Ovo Energy top, Npower rock bottom in MSE's latest energy poll

Almost 80% of Ovo Energy users rated its service as 'great', while 9% said the same of Npower

22 September 2014

Energy watchdog wants more competition for big six firms

Britain's big six energy companies will face fines unless they open up the electricity market, under Ofgem proposals

12 June 2013

It's not just the big boys upping energy bills

Hundreds of thousands of households will be hit by smaller energy firms increasing gas and electricity costs

23 November 2012