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Electricity prices

Martin and MSE among organisations calling for energy social tariff as millions expected to struggle with bills this winter

The Government must urgently introduce an energy social tariff to prevent millions of households from falling into fuel poverty this winter, consumer organisations including MoneySavingExpert have said.

29 September 2023

Martin Lewis: Are you an E.on customer? Here's an easy way to cut what you pay for energy

E.on Next's 'Pledge' tariff could be an easy way to cut your bills over the next year, according to founder Martin Lewis.

25 September 2023

'Unfair' standing charges need to go: MPs back Martin's and MSE's calls for energy bill overhaul

Energy standing charges unfairly penalise households on lower incomes and those looking to cut their usage, a cross-party group of MPs have said in a new report published today.

23 September 2023

New supplier Fuse Energy launches electricity deal that undercuts the Price Cap – so should you switch?

Brand new app-only supplier Fuse Energy – the first new supplier to enter the market since the start of the energy crisis – has launched an electricity-only tariff that undercuts the Price Cap.

12 September 2023

Martin Lewis: Existing customer-only energy deals should be published for all to see

MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis is today writing to the boss of energy regulator Ofgem urging him to ask all suppliers to publish existing customer-only tariff info, to make it easier for households to understand if a fixed deal is worth switching to.

19 June 2023

Martin Lewis: Here's how much less you'll likely pay for energy from 1 July according to final price cap predictions

Households on direct debit bills are likely to pay around 18% less for energy from 1 July, according to final price cap predictions shared today by founder Martin Lewis.

19 May 2023

Why energy bills are rising this month despite the postponement of 20% price hikes

Energy bills are rising for many this month despite the postponement of a 20% planned price increase in April.

14 April 2023

British Gas prepay meter users to pay less for gas from 1 April – here's what you need to know

British Gas has cut gas prices for over a million of its prepay meter users this month, bringing them in line with the rates paid by those on direct debit.

4 April 2023

Martin Lewis: April's 20% energy price rise likely to be cancelled as energy firms assume it won't happen

Next month's 20% energy bill rise is now likely to be scrapped by the Government, as energy firms are preparing for it not to go ahead.

15 March 2023

The energy price guarantee is now set to end in April next year – here's what the change means for your bills

The energy price guarantee, which was introduced on 1 October to protect households from a hideous 80% increase in energy bills, will now only last until April 2023, rather than for the next two years as originally planned.

18 October 2022