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Together Energy customer? Check your final bill now as hundreds of customers have been wrongly charged a £40 exit fee

Thousands of Together Energy customers have been sent their final bill containing an incorrect ‘early contract termination’ fee of £40. Check your statement now to see if you’ve been wrongly charged.

21 March 2022

Welsh households on universal credit and other benefits to get £100 towards energy bills

Universal credit claimants and those in receipt of certain means-tested benefits will get £100 towards their energy bills this winter, the Welsh Government has announced. It comes as part of a new £51 million support package designed to help around 350,000 people with the cost of living.

15 February 2022

Scottish households in council tax bands A to D to be given £150 to battle cost of living crisis

Close to two million households in Scotland will be given £150 to help cushion against the cost of living crisis. The money will be given to those in council tax bands A to D, as well as those eligible for council tax reductions.

11 February 2022

Over half of people would opt out of Government's £200 energy 'loan-not-loan', finds MSE YouGov survey

Research commissioned by (MSE) shows the majority of Brits would opt out of the Government's new compulsory £200 energy 'loan-not-loan' scheme, if given the choice.

10 February 2022

Apply now to get £140 off your energy bill via the Warm Home Discount – but hurry as many schemes are closing

But major suppliers including British Gas, EDF and Scottish Power have now closed their schemes for 2021/22 and others will follow – so apply as soon as possible to ensure you don't miss out.

8 February 2022

Universal Credit and other benefit claimants in Northern Ireland to get £200 towards energy bills - here's what you need to know

It comes as part of a new £55 million support package designed to help around 280,000 people with the cost of living.

14 January 2022

Government WRONGLY tells 10 million people to switch energy tariff – many of them vulnerable

In an embarrassing move from the DWP, 10 million people will receive a letter with information encouraging them to switch to a cheaper energy tariff, despite energy prices at a record high and firms going bust left, right and centre.

10 November 2021

Green Homes Grant 'a flop' with as few as one in six homeowners who apply able to find installers

A new snapshot poll from founder Martin Lewis lays bare some of the problems with the new Green Homes Grant scheme

20 October 2020

Feeling the chill? Check if you're eligible for winter fuel help incl £140 warm home discount

Pensioners and people on certain benefits can get £100s off their winter energy bills

24 January 2019