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Energy UK

Switches to small energy suppliers hit record highs amid heatwave

More than 480,000 customers switched electricity supply last month with record numbers favouring small suppliers

13 July 2018

Record numbers switched electricity supplier in 2016

Last year, around a million more people switched their electricity supply than in 2015

13 January 2017

Energy providers to be investigated over excess profits claim – switch your supplier to save

The Business Secretary is to investigate an allegation that the 'big six' make more money than they admit to

14 November 2016

Forced prepay meter installations could be banned for the most vulnerable customers

Charges for forced installations will be capped and the most vulnerable will be totally exempt, says Ofgem

14 September 2016

Up to 11,000 hit by gas metering blunder – are you affected?

Thousands more people have been affected by a mix-up between imperial and metric gas meters, Energy UK has revealed

23 August 2016

Energy switches now possible in 17 days, but not for all suppliers

If you're looking to switch energy provider, from today it could take half as long as it did in the past, DECC announces

14 January 2015

Switched energy firm in the past six years? You may be due a share of £153m

Energy customers are being urged to contact their previous gas and electricity supplier to reclaim credit owed

10 September 2014

Energy switching times to be cut in half

Energy customers will be able to switch providers in two and a half weeks by the end of 2014, the Govt says

21 April 2014