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New energy deal – 3% off energy bills available for almost anyone for a year

E.on Next's 'Pledge' tariff, which is now open to newbies, promises a 3% discount (about £50 a year on typical use) on the Price Cap for a year. We've full info in our MSE News story.

23 January 2024

E.on Next to cut winter bills by up to 50% for some customers on low incomes – here's what's happening

E.on Next is launching a new support scheme for some of its existing customers on low incomes or with medical needs.

13 October 2023

Martin Lewis: Are you an E.on customer? Here's an easy way to cut what you pay for energy

E.on Next's 'Pledge' tariff could be an easy way to cut your bills over the next year, according to founder Martin Lewis.

25 September 2023

E.on Next becomes first big name supplier to launch fixed deal available to all costing less than the Energy Price Cap – should you switch?

E.on Next has become the first big name energy supplier to launch a fixed tariff costing below the Price Cap that's available to both new and existing customers.

8 September 2023

E.on Next to pay compensation to 500,000 customers over poor service – here's who's eligible and how much you'll get

E.on Next will pay 500,000 customers £8 each in compensation after they struggled to get through to the firm on the phone last year.

14 June 2023

Four energy firms pay millions in compensation over late final bills and overcharging customers – here's what you need to know

Four energy firms – E.on Next, Good Energy, Octopus Energy and Ovo Energy – have paid millions in compensation to households.

23 May 2023

Chased by debt firms for British Gas and E.on bills you don't owe? Here's step-by-step help on how to get 'em off your back

Hundreds of people say they've been wrongly sent letters by a debt collector on behalf of energy firms including British Gas and E.on.

7 June 2022

E.on Next customers given refunds after some paying by direct debit were overcharged – here's all you need to know

E.on Next has issued refunds and goodwill payments to customers after an error meant some users on standard tariffs were overcharged. The energy firm says the issue is now resolved and customers won't need to do anything to get their money back - but you should check your bill if you think you might have been affected.

16 March 2022

E.on Next customers hit by billing blunder with direct debit payments delayed - make sure you put aside enough cash to cover your bill

A technical hitch at energy supplier E.on has meant potentially thousands of customers will have their direct debit payments taken two weeks later than usual, and so users should put aside enough cash in their accounts to cover the bill when it is due.

9 March 2022

EDF, E.on, Npower and Scottish Power to hike bills for millions by almost £100/yr after energy price cap rise

All four firms are raising prices by the maximum allowed under the new energy price cap announced earlier in February. But most households can beat the hikes and save £200/yr by switching to a cheaper deal.

18 February 2021