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E.on now lets you fix your monthly bill - but that peace of mind will cost you

E.on has launched a new tariff with a fixed monthly bill, regardless of how much energy you actually use

9 August 2018

E.on to hit customers with SECOND price hike in August

E.on has become the latest of the big six energy firms to announce it's increasing prices

19 June 2018

MSE victory as E.on changes smart meter letters to let customers know they don’t HAVE to get one

Big six energy firm E.on has changed the smart meter letters it sends to customers

14 May 2018

Energy back-billing ban now in force

From today all energy firms are banned from back-billing customers beyond 12 months if the delay is not their fault

1 May 2018

E.on standard tariff customers will see their bills rise from today

From today, two million customers on E.on's standard variable tariff will see their energy bills rise

19 April 2018

Back-billing ban to apply to all energy firms

All energy firms will be banned from back-billing customers for more than 12 months under stricter new rules

5 March 2018

E.on to hit customers with backdoor price hike next month

Households on E.on's standard variable tariff will see their energy bills rise by an average of £22/year

2 March 2018

'Switchable' smart meters delayed

The roll out of next generation smart meters which allow you to switch energy provider is to be delayed

19 January 2018

Npower trial could see end to its standard variable tariff

Npower will move some customers onto another fixed deal at the end of their contract – but many could save by switching

12 January 2018

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