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New help for millions in debt crisis - you can now get two months' 'breathing space' from interest and enforcement action

New rules giving those in England and Wales who are struggling with problem debt a 60-day grace period to get their finances back under control come into force today, in a huge victory for and others who've campaigned hard on the issue.

4 May 2021

New FREE guide on what to teach kids about spending money safely online launched

Not-for-profit internet safety body Internet Matters has launched a free ten-point guide with tips to help kids and young people build good online money management habits.

13 April 2021

Couple gets 'severe mental impairment' council tax discount backdated TEN years after appeal - how to fight for a backdated payment

A MoneySaving couple have received a £3,500 council tax refund after taking their local authority to a tribunal and forcing it to backdate a discount to 2009 - and their success story shows how others may be able to win refunds for previous years too

24 March 2021

New private parking ticket appeals service to launch next year

A new private parking ticket appeals service will launch next year, the Government has confirmed. Meanwhile, a raft of measures designed to make private parking tickets cheaper and fairer have also been announced

22 March 2021

Bupa to refund health insurance customers one month's premium after coronavirus disruption

Bupa UK health insurance customers will be refunded the equivalent of around one month's premium after coronavirus disrupted some people's planned medical treatments last year

18 March 2021

Martin Lewis urges Government action on online scams to help protect millions of people with mental health problems

It comes as new research has found those with mental health problems are three times more likely to be victims of online scams.

17 March 2021

Census 2021 letters begin to land in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – here's what you need to know

Don't ignore or bin your census letter – households are legally obliged to take part, although you don't have to answer all the questions

8 March 2021

No more coronavirus support to come for limited company directors, Chancellor Rishi Sunak tells Martin Lewis

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has told founder Martin Lewis that limited company directors won't be getting any additional financial support during the pandemic, admitting that when it comes to extra help, the door is "firmly shut"

5 March 2021

200,000 women in line for automatic £13,500 average payout due to state pension error

Around 200,000 women could be owed an average payout of £13,5000 after their state pensions were underpaid, new figures reveal. And these payments will now be paid automatically following a Government review - although women who weren't due the automatic uplift in the first place will still need to claim

4 March 2021

NHS prescription costs in England to rise by 20p to £9.35 an item from April

The NHS prescription charge in England will increase by 20p to £9.35 from 1 April, it's been confirmed. The cost of prescription prepayment certificates - essentially season tickets you use to cut costs if you pay for multiple prescriptions over a set period - are also rising

26 February 2021