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Teletext Holidays and Alpharooms on the brink of collapse - here's all you need to know and how it affects you

Teletext Holidays has stopped taking new bookings, while sister company Alpharooms says existing trips will not be fulfilled. The move comes after both firms' membership to the Travel Trust Association (TTA) - a trade body that ensures travel companies abide by industry regulations - ended on 29 October.

5 January 2022

EE to bring back mobile roaming charges in Europe from March - what it means for you

EE is to start charging new and upgrading customers a flat £2/day mobile roaming fee if they use their phone in Europe from January 2022. The move makes it the first mobile firm to scrap free roaming in the EU following Brexit.

30 December 2021

Got a Halifax or Virgin Money travel credit or debit card you haven't recently used? Check it won't get automatically cancelled

With some providers cancelling inactive cards, it's worth checking to see if you need to take action to keep your card account open - particularly if you have any upcoming Christmas trips.

2 December 2021

British Airways passenger wins cash refund in court after being 'pushed' to accept vouchers for Covid cancelled flights

A MoneySaver has successfully taken British Airways to the small claims court and been awarded £300 after disputing the airline's decision to issue vouchers instead of a cash refund for flights cancelled due to the pandemic.

26 November 2021

Latest coronavirus 'traffic light' travel update due this week

The next update of the coronavirus 'traffic light' travel system, used to govern the action holidaymakers take when they return to the UK from overseas, is due to take place this week. This will provide the latest information on which destinations will feature on the Government's 'green', 'amber' and 'red' travel lists.

16 September 2021

Teletext Holidays to pay out £7m in outstanding refunds - here's how to make a claim

Teletext Holidays and its sister company Alpharooms have agreed to refund £7 million to thousands of customers still waiting to get their money back after their package holidays were cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis. Here's how to make a claim.

16 September 2021

Returning to Wales from abroad? You can pick your own PCR test provider from 21 September to save money

Travellers returning to Wales from abroad will be able to use cheap PCR tests from providers on the UK Government's list of approved firms from 21 September.

13 September 2021

AXA scraps own-brand travel insurance policies for new customers - but existing holders remain covered until their deal expires

AXA Insurance UK will no longer sell own-brand overseas and UK travel insurance policies to new customers, the firm has announced. However, existing policyholders remain covered for the duration of their policy.

3 September 2021

Most MoneySavers will get travel insurance when going abroad but not if they're holidaying in the UK, new MSE poll finds

Most MoneySavers WON'T risk going on holiday abroad without travel insurance, a new poll has found. However, those holidaying in the UK said they are less likely to take out an insurance policy.

1 September 2021

Canada and Switzerland to move to the 'green' travel list in the latest 'traffic light' update - but Montenegro and Thailand will turn 'red'

Seven destinations, including Canada and Switzerland, will be added to the 'green' traffic light list from next week, the UK government has announced. The system is used to govern the action holidaymakers must take when they return to the UK from overseas.

26 August 2021