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Income Tax

Sell on eBay, Etsy or Vinted or rent your home on Airbnb? Firms will now report your earnings to HMRC – so check if you need to pay tax

Firms such as eBay, Etsy, Vinted and Airbnb will soon start passing on certain information about you to HM Revenue & Customs.

3 January 2024

Scottish Budget 2023: Income tax shake-up confirmed from April 2024 – here's what's changing

From 6 April 2024, the threshold at which earners in Scotland start paying certain rates will rise for some tax bands, while a new "advanced" rate tax band will be introduced. The "top" tax rate will also increase.

19 December 2023

Martin Lewis: Four urgent ways you may be due £1,000s in tax back – if you're married, had a PPI payout, wear a work uniform or even just pay tax

If you're married or in a civil partnership, have ever had a PPI payout, wear a uniform to work or pay any income tax, you could be due £100s or even £1,000s in tax back – but you'll need to check urgently.

23 March 2023

Scottish budget: Higher earners to pay more tax and benefits to rise by 10.1% – what the changes mean for you

Deputy first minister John Swinney has announced major income tax rises for higher earners in Scotland from April next year.

15 December 2022

Warning: Filing a paper self-assessment tax return? You must act NOW to avoid a £100 fine

If you're submitting a paper version of the self-assessment tax return, then the deadline to file is just days away, on 31 October. And if the tax office receives it later than this Sunday you will liable for a £100 fine.

25 October 2022

Chancellor's emergency fiscal budget – Jeremy Hunt scales back energy support and reverses tax reforms: Here's what you need to know

New Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has reversed a host of tax reforms and drastically scaled back energy help previously announced in September's mini-budget.

18 October 2022

Top 45% rate of income tax will remain in place, as Government U-turns on plans to scrap it

The change means those earning above £150,000 will continue to pay a higher marginal rate of tax, as they do now.

3 October 2022

Mini-budget 2022: Income tax to be cut for millions from April – what it means for you

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng has announced big tax cuts for individuals and businesses including a major shake-up to income tax.

23 September 2022

Budget 2021: Income tax thresholds frozen – meaning many will pay more

Income tax thresholds are to rise from April 2022 and then be frozen for a further fours years until April 2026, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has revealed

3 March 2021

Filing a self-assessment tax return? You've got until 31 January

If you're one of the millions of taxpayers still to file their self-assessment tax return, you've less than a month until the deadline. Act NOW to avoid a £100 fine - especially if you're filing for the first time, as it could take up to 10 working days to receive an activation code

3 January 2019