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Income Tax

Government to reveal how taxpayers' bills are spent

Every taxpayer is to receive a personal statement spelling out what the Government is spending their tax on

20 March 2012

Two days' grace for self assessment taxpayers to avoid a fine

Self assessment taxpayers have been given longer to escape a £100 fine for filing their return late

26 January 2012

Hurry to avoid a £100 self assessment tax fine

Almost a million taxpayers risk a £100 for filing their self assessment tax return late, if they fail to act soon

10 January 2012

Over a million to be told they owe more tax

More than one million owe cash after more tax errors were found. Millions others will get rebates

19 October 2011

Students can claim overpaid tax from summer jobs now

Students have been reminded to check payslips to see if they can reclaim cash from the taxman

30 September 2011

900,000 to get minimum wage rise

900,000 workers will get a pay rise when the minimum wage breaks through the £6-an-hour barrier this weekend

29 September 2011

Millions more forced to pay £100s in tax underpayments

Miscalculations emerge for 2010/11 tax year, meaning misery for 1.2m who now owe underpaid tax

29 June 2011

The great tax overhaul: are you a winner or loser?

Today marks the start of the new financial year, and with it, an overhaul of the tax system which means workers' take-home in April will change

6 April 2011

Tax shake-up brings current account boost

Tomorrow's new 2011/12 tax year shake-up means consumers don't have to earn as much to get a top current account

5 April 2011

Pensioners hit by further HMRC tax code errors

146,000 pensioners underpaid tax in the current 2010/11 financial year, which HMRC wants repaid

29 March 2011