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Peer-to-peer ISA offering 4.7% interest is rolled out – but beware of the risks

Savers can earn a tempting 4.7% tax-free on a five-year innovative finance ISA

10 February 2017

Lifetime ISA withdrawal penalty scrapped for 2017/18

Savers using the Lifetime ISA won't be charged the 25% penalty in the scheme's first year

14 December 2016

Savers to be warned of risks before opening a Lifetime ISA

Anyone wanting to open a Lifetime ISA will first be made fully aware of how the product works, under FCA proposals

16 November 2016

Lifetime ISA on track for April 2017 launch

The Government is sticking by previous proposals to launch a Lifetime ISA in April 2017

7 September 2016

Savers could get texts or email alerts when rates drop

Digital reminders about interest rate changes have been given the thumbs up by consumers

19 July 2016

Get up to 6% savings interest TAX-FREE

Many accounts pay a pittance – urgently shift to boost interest

22 June 2016

Halifax slashes Help to Buy ISA rate for new customers

Halifax has cut the interest rate of its Help to Buy ISA from 4% to 2.5% for new customers

3 May 2016

Major peer-to-peer lenders still months off unveiling Innovative Finance ISAs amid approval backlog

Only two peer-to-peer lending platforms out of 94 are currently able to offer the new Innovative Finance ISA

8 April 2016

All savings now to be paid tax-free

The personal savings allowance has launched so most people's money's now in the wrong place – shift it to boost interest

6 April 2016

Budget 2016: Lifetime ISA to launch with 25% state bonus for the under-40s

A new lifetime ISA for the under-40s will pay savers a 25% bonus on up to £4,000 saved per tax year

16 March 2016