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Student loan interest rates and repayment thresholds to rise - what you need to know

Student loan repayment thresholds will rise by hundreds of pounds next April

21 August 2018

Zopa customers left unable to access 'suspended' accounts

Customers of the peer-to-peer lending and investment service Zopa have said that they are locked out of their accounts

25 June 2018

Studying in Scotland and struggling with money? This fund gives £900+ to nine out of 10 applicants

Almost 90% of applicants to a fund for students in financial difficulty in Scotland have been accepted in three years

23 March 2018

Warning - if the state helps pay your mortgage interest, act now or it'll be stopped

More than 90% of homeowners who are part of the Support for Mortgage Interest scheme face losing up to £5,000 a year

20 March 2018

Student loan repayment rules to change next month - what you need to know

A new regulation will see the student loan repayment threshold raised to £25,000/yr

7 March 2018

PM launches wide-ranging review of student finance

Prime Minister Theresa May pledges to make student finance

19 February 2018

Autumn Budget 2017: Graduates will no longer make payments on loans they have already paid back

Graduates will no longer waste money making further payments on student loans they have already paid back

22 November 2017

Started uni in or after 1998 and began repaying your loan 2002-2006? Your loan's being sold

The Government today formally restarted the process of selling off English student loans

31 October 2017

MPs to launch major new student loans inquiry

An influential group of MPs has launched a wide-ranging inquiry into the student loans system

14 October 2017

Student loans must no longer be called a 'loan', Universities Minister says

The Universities Minister Jo Johnson has finally agreed that student loans should be called 'graduate contributions'

3 October 2017

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