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Price cap proposed for rent-to-own firms to protect vulnerable consumers

The financial regulator has proposed a new price cap on rent-to-own firms to come into place next spring, meaning consumers can't be charged more in interest than they paid for the product

22 November 2018

New two-year degrees – will students actually save money?

The Government has set out plans for accelerated two-year degrees which it claims will save students £5,500 compared to a three-year course - but Martin Lewis has warned that many students won't pay any less under the accelerated system

19 November 2018

Charities call for action against rule-breaking bailiffs

A third of people contacted by bailiffs experience rule-breaking behaviour, including threats and forced entry, according to Citizens Advice and debt charity StepChange

13 November 2018

Settle student loans at half-price? Martin says most should say no

Some university leavers who started studying between 1990 and 1998 have received letters and texts from Erudio - the company which manages their student loans - offering them the chance to settle their loan by partially paying it off

9 November 2018

We shouldn't be called the Student Loans Company, says Student Loans Company chair

Christian Brodie, non-executive Chair of the Student Loans Company made the comment to the Education Committee this morning

30 October 2018

Scottish and have a student loan? It may now be written off sooner

The period after which Scottish student loans are wiped will be reduced from December this year

26 October 2018

Payday lenders told to offer compensation

The financial regulator has written to payday lenders today telling them they must compensate customers who were sold unaffordable loans

15 October 2018

Another set of student loans to be sold – but don't panic

The Government is announcing its intention to proceed with the second sale from the 'plan 1' English student loan book

11 October 2018

Student loan interest rates and repayment thresholds to rise - what you need to know

Student loan repayment thresholds will rise by hundreds of pounds next April

21 August 2018

Zopa customers left unable to access 'suspended' accounts

Customers of the peer-to-peer lending and investment service Zopa have said that they are locked out of their accounts

25 June 2018

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