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Manchester Airport

More than half of UK airports STILL don't have free water fountains

Four UK airports are in the process of installing free drinking water fountains but half still don't have them

10 July 2018

British Airways to launch new boarding policy - here's what you need to know

British Airways will introduce a policy to board travellers with the cheapest tickets in two separate groups

20 November 2017

Is lipstick really a liquid? Airports enforce different make-up security rules

Varying airport security rules are forcing holidaymakers to cram cosmetics such as lipstick into their 'liquids' bags

24 August 2017

No water fountains in more than HALF of UK airports is calling on 18 UK international airports to offer free drinking water fountains to passengers

26 July 2017

Flight delay compensation: Know your rights after Thomson defeated in court

If you've suffered a long delay on a flight, don't be deterred by airlines stonewalling your claim for compensation

30 September 2013