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Martin Lewis: 'How to get £200's worth of Nectar points for free'

Shoppers can boost their Nectar points to save £100s at Sainsbury's

26 February 2021

Calls for better student finance information backed by Martin

Students and prospective students need clearer and better-targeted financial advice

20 June 2018

Voting in the general election? Don't worry, you DON'T need a polling card

If you want to vote in the election but don't have a polling card, don't worry, you can vote without it

7 June 2017

Loans rates now 2.8% - cheapest ever

Fierce market competition continues to drive rates lower.

31 May 2017

Midnight deadline to register to vote in the general election

Want to vote in next month's general election but not yet on the electoral roll? You have to register by 11.59pm Monday.

22 May 2017

New totally free way to get your Experian Credit Report

It's your financial CV. You need to see what it says about you. If wrong it can kill cheap mortgages, mobiles & more

22 February 2017

Max savings & mortgages after base rate cut

As historic 0.25% low signals new era of rate changes, protect YOUR money, earn up to 6% savings & check your mortgage

10 August 2016

60 MoneySaving life hacks

'Amazon delivery trick' tool, beat spam texts, exploit eBay spellng mishtkes, slash Sky bill, buy stolen goods and more

9 September 2015