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Stuck with your mortgage? Mortgage prisoners challenge lenders in group legal action

Stuck with your mortgage? Mortgage prisoners challenge lenders in group legal action

14 January 2020

Barriers removed for some mortgage prisoners – but Martin says it will only 'unchain a tiny fraction'

The financial regulator has removed some barriers that stop mortgage prisoners from finding a cheaper deal – though many will still be left trapped.

28 October 2019

Hundreds of ex-Virgin One mortgage customers to get refunds – with some getting £1,000s back

Some ex-Virgin One mortgage customers are being refunded after a review found the information they were sent about the account could have been misinterpreted and may have led to them making decisions that could have cost them money - such as moving home or re-mortgaging

29 July 2019

'I was hounded by bailiffs and turned down for a mortgage – because of my credit file doppelganger'

A man called Andy Smith who shares his name and date of birth with someone else has told how his namesake's financial problems had a knock-on effect on his life for over a decade

23 July 2019

Want to have your say on the investigation into the leasehold market? You've got until tomorrow

Homeowners have until tomorrow to give their views on the leasehold housing market to the competition watchdog

11 July 2019

Birmingham Midshires pays compensation to mortgage customers

Birmingham Midshires is paying compensation to some customers after wrongly calculating their monthly mortgage payments, and one customer has already received over £1,600. Here's what you need to know

3 July 2019

No-fault evictions set to be banned in England

Renters in England would no longer face evictions at short notice without good reason under new plans outlined by the Government

15 April 2019

Government to sell former Northern Rock mortgages

The Government has announced it is selling off 66,000 mortgages and unsecured loans originally held by NRAM, formerly part of failed lender Northern Rock

2 April 2019

Homeowners could switch to a cheaper mortgage more easily as lending rules are set to be relaxed

Tens of thousands of mortgage prisoners are now one step closer to being freed, after the financial regulator began consulting on relaxing mortgage affordability rules, in an important step forward for's long-running campaign.

26 March 2019

New housing complaints service to help tenants and homeowners escalate their disputes

A new single complaints service for renters and homeowners in England is to be launched, in a step forward for MoneySavingExpert's campaign for reform - but there's still more to be done

24 January 2019

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