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MPs to scrutinise Childcare Service website as part of inquiry

MPs will scrutinise the Childcare Service website as part of an inquiry into childcare policy

4 January 2018

MP campaigns for child funeral costs to be paid by Government

Labour MP Carolyn Harris believes grieving families should no longer have to pay £1,000s to lay their children to rest

5 December 2016

Lifetime ISA and Help to Save applicants need guidance, Martin tells MPs

Martin Lewis has warned that two new savings schemes being launched by the Government must come with clear guidance

25 October 2016

Overdraft overhaul doesn't go far enough, warns Treasury Committee

A report ordering monthly unarranged overdraft fees to be capped has been criticised for not going far enough

6 September 2016

Guest comment: Vulnerable prepay energy customers must be first to receive smart meters

Labour MP Dawn Butler accuses the big six of lining their pockets by

6 May 2016

MPs demand rethink of women's state pension changes

A parliamentary motion aiming to protect women who will be hit by changes to the state pension is passed by MPs

7 January 2016

Voting today? You don't need a poll card

If you're voting today but don't have a poll card, fear not, you can vote without it

7 May 2015

Financial education: MPs say vulnerable under-25s need more help

More should be done to ensure vulnerable young people outside of mainstream schooling receive financial education

29 October 2013

Payday loan powers to be debated by MPs

MPs will debate whether regulators should have greater powers over payday lenders

12 July 2013

MPs overpaid by £11,000 already according to the public

There is widespread opposition to pay rises for MPs, according to a poll of over 10,000 users

11 July 2013

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