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Prescription costs in England to rise in April

NHS prescription prices in England will rise from 1 April, while dental costs will also increase, the Government says

11 March 2014

Paid-for EHIC applicants could get refund

A website that has an NHS URL, but is not an NHS site, offers consumers 30 days to cancel. But it may be shut down

22 June 2012

NHS prescription charges in England to rise

The cost of an NHS prescription in England will rise 25p to £7.65 from 1 April, MPs were told today

23 February 2012

Food shake-up could see 'best before' labels changed

New guidance on food labelling will be issued by the Government in a bid to cut down on food being unnecessarily wasted

18 April 2011

NHS prescription charges to be scrapped in Scotland

NHS prescription charges will be abolished in Scotland next month but they will rise in England

4 March 2011