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Ratesetter investors furious as 'technical issue' delays withdrawals after account closures

Thousands of Ratesetter investors have been left waiting to get their cash back from closed accounts after a 'technical issue' delayed withdrawals made over the Bank Holiday weekend and on Tuesday. The peer-to-peer lender says it's now fixed the problem though, and says payments should arrive in customers' accounts by the end of Thursday (8 April).

8 April 2021

Ratesetter to close all investor accounts and move borrowers’ loans to Metro Bank

All 45,000 existing investor accounts will be closed on 2 April. Here's what the change means for investors and borrowers alike.

3 February 2021

Ratesetter customers waiting months to access their cash

Some investors with peer-to-peer lender Ratesetter are still waiting for their cash over seven months after trying to withdraw their investments, with 1,000s in virtual queues to access their money

27 October 2020