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NHS prescription costs frozen in England for the first time in 12 years – here are all the details and how to save on your medicine bills

NHS prescription costs will remain frozen at £9.35 an item for the next 12 months. This is welcome news for many but remember to check if you qualify for free prescriptions or if you can save money with a prescription 'season ticket'. See below for more details.

17 May 2022

Exclusive: One million people overpaid for prescriptions because they didn't get an NHS 'season ticket' – how to cut your medical costs

More than one million people in England missed out on savings of £40 on average between April 2020 and April 2021 by failing to use a prescription 'season ticket', can reveal.

21 February 2022

NHS to offer free flu jabs to all over-50s from December

The move is an attempt to combat the "twin threats" of flu and coronavirus this winter

20 November 2020

NHS prescription charge to rise to £9.15

The NHS prescription charge in England is set to increase by 15p to £9.15 from April

4 March 2020

April price rises have kicked in - act now to beat the hikes

A new wave of price hikes hit today, from council tax and prescriptions to energy and broadband - and while you can't stop the rises, there are still plenty of ways to cut these bills

1 April 2019

NHS prescription charge to rise to £9

The NHS prescription charge in England is set to increase by 20p to £9 – but hundreds of thousands of patients could save by getting a 'prescription season ticket'

21 February 2019

New NHS tool lets you check if you can get free prescriptions

It takes around three minutes to use and could save you £100+/yr

11 September 2018

Revealed: 10,000s overpay for hay fever meds via prescriptions

Tens of thousands of hay fever sufferers are overpaying for tablets - in some cases by more than £6 each time

8 May 2018

NHS prescription charge to rise to £8.80

The prescription charge in England is to increase by 20p to £8.80 – but many could save with a prepayment certificate

26 February 2018

Revealed: 800,000 could have saved with a prescription 'season ticket' last year

Hundreds of thousands of patients in England are paying more than they need to for NHS prescriptions

9 January 2018