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Fraudsters tricked victims into transferring £236 million

Victims were tricked into transferring £236 million to fraudsters' bank accounts last year, latest figures show

15 March 2018

Household bills rising slower than inflation, MSE Bills Tracker shows

Household bills are rising slower than inflation, but don't rest on your laurels as you could still make big savings

23 February 2018

Stamp prices to increase next month

The price of first and second-class stamps will increase by 2p at the end of March, Royal Mail has announced

16 February 2018

Workers to be given more rights under new Government plan

Interns, agency workers and 'gig economy' workers will be given greater rights under a new Government plan

7 February 2018

Ombudsman to stop handling housing complaints

Ombudsman Services is to stop taking property complaints after claiming it can only offer a

6 February 2018

Missed the self-assessment tax deadline? Here's what you need to know

The deadline for filing your self-assessment tax return and paying your bill for the 2016/17 tax year was 31 Jan

2 February 2018

Household bills continue to rise, MSE Bills Tracker shows

Bills and expenses are rising at the same pace as last month, despite a dip in overall inflation

26 January 2018

'I cleared £180,000 of debt in 12 years - such a relief'

A MoneySaver who racked up £180,000 in debt has told how she finally became debt-free 12 years later

19 January 2018

Not filed your self-assessment tax return yet? Do it NOW - time's running out

Time is running out for millions of taxpayers to file their online self-assessment tax return by the end of the month

16 January 2018

'I saved £1,000 switching energy and mortgage': MoneySavers share their 2017 successes

MoneySavers have been sharing their cost-cutting successes in 2017 on social media

4 January 2018