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Renter in London? A new tool lets you check if your landlord needs a licence – and you could be owed £1,000s

Tenants in London can now use a new tool to check whether their landlords need to license their homes – and some could be owed £1,000s in rent refunds if their landlord doesn't have the right documentation

17 November 2020

Ban on rental evictions in England and Wales extended till August

The ban, due to end on 25 June, has now been extended in England and Wales until 23 August

5 June 2020

Letting fees banned in England – your new rights

Landlords and letting agents in England won't be able to charge tenants letting fees from Saturday 1 June. If you're a renter, here are your new rights and what you still need to pay - plus what to do if you're charged an illegal fee

1 June 2019

No-fault evictions set to be banned in England

Renters in England would no longer face evictions at short notice without good reason under new plans outlined by the Government

15 April 2019

New housing complaints service to help tenants and homeowners escalate their disputes

A new single complaints service for renters and homeowners in England is to be launched, in a step forward for MoneySavingExpert's campaign for reform - but there's still more to be done

24 January 2019

Letting fees to be banned from June

Landlords and letting agents in England are set to be banned from charging tenants letting fees from 1 June

17 January 2019

New law to protect tenants against unfair charges

A landlord or agent will only be able to recover reasonable incurred costs under the new rules

6 September 2018

A new law is set to close tax-free loophole on Airbnb lets

A new law is set to stop Airbnb hosts earning up to £7,500 tax-free when letting out their home

6 July 2018

Three-year minimum tenancies could be introduced for renters

Three-year tenancies could be introduced in a bid to give renters more long-term security, the Government has announced

2 July 2018

Letting fees ban introduced to Parliament

New rules to ban letting fees and high deposits in England have been presented to Parliament

3 May 2018