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Ratesetter to close all investor accounts and move borrowers’ loans to Metro Bank

All 45,000 existing investor accounts will be closed on 2 April. Here's what the change means for investors and borrowers alike.

3 February 2021

Martin Lewis video: Which are the best children's savings accounts?

Martin spoke about the issue on his show yesterday

18 December 2020

HSBC and First Direct cut regular savings rates to 1%

HSBC and First Direct have cut the interest paid on their regular savings accounts from 2.75% to 1% for new customers

24 November 2020

Bank with M&S, HSBC or First Direct? Urgently open its regular saver

M&S Bank is closing its 2.75% AER regular saver account to new customers next week

13 November 2020

Ratesetter customers waiting months to access their cash

Some investors with peer-to-peer lender Ratesetter are still waiting for their cash over seven months after trying to withdraw their investments, with 1,000s in virtual queues to access their money

27 October 2020

Are negative interest rates on the way? Martin's view as the Bank of England asks lenders if they're ready for them

The Bank of England has written to banks asking them to provide details on how they would cope if interest rates were cut to zero or even turned negative

12 October 2020

NS&I customers struggle to withdraw savings due to 'technical issue'

Savers trying to make withdrawals from National Savings and Investments (NS&I) accounts ahead of next month's massive rate cuts have found they are unable to access their money due to an ongoing "technical issue"

2 October 2020

Marcus to cut its easy-access rate

Savings provider Marcus is to cut the interest rate on its easy-access account from Monday 12 October – but should you switch?

25 September 2020

NS&I to slash savings rates and Premium Bond prizes

National Savings & Investments (NS&I) will dramatically cut the interest it pays on many of its savings accounts, slashing its top easy-access rate to just 0.01% in November. And Premium Bond holders will also have a significantly lower chance of winning a prize from December, with the prize rate to be cut to 1%

21 September 2020

Premium Bond paper prize cheques to be scrapped

More Premium Bond prizes will be paid directly to holders' accounts as NS&I is set to phase out its paper prize cheques by March next year – so make sure it has your details

17 September 2020