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Atom Bank savers alarmed by messaging blunder - what you need to know

Atom Bank has mistakenly sent duplicate notifications to many of its customers, with one which warns an "external account" has been connected to savers' accounts prompting widespread alarm. The bank has temporarily restricted access to its app to stop more notifications going out, but it says it's NOT been hacked and that customers' money is safe - we've full details on what we know so far below.

25 May 2021

Ratesetter investors furious as 'technical issue' delays withdrawals after account closures

Thousands of Ratesetter investors have been left waiting to get their cash back from closed accounts after a 'technical issue' delayed withdrawals made over the Bank Holiday weekend and on Tuesday. The peer-to-peer lender says it's now fixed the problem though, and says payments should arrive in customers' accounts by the end of Thursday (8 April).

8 April 2021

Best-buy Marcus savings account rate to fall AGAIN to 0.4%

Savings provider Marcus is cutting the interest rate on its best-buy easy-access account again next month

16 March 2021

Wyelands Bank to close all savings accounts and return cash to 4,000 savers

Wyelands Bank is to close its full range of fixed term, notice and easy-access savings accounts by 24 March and return money to 4,000 savers, after action from the financial services regulator. Cash deposits will be protected in full with any interest earned also being honoured. Here's what you need to know

10 March 2021

Martin Lewis warns of a tax trap that could cost you £10,000s off your pension

Martin Lewis has warned pension savers they could lose £1,000s or even £10,000s from their pension by falling foul of a trap that sees withdrawals taxed

19 February 2021

Ratesetter to close all investor accounts and move borrowers’ loans to Metro Bank

All 45,000 existing investor accounts will be closed on 2 April. Here's what the change means for investors and borrowers alike.

3 February 2021

Martin Lewis video: Which are the best children's savings accounts?

Martin spoke about the issue on his show yesterday

18 December 2020

HSBC and First Direct cut regular savings rates to 1%

HSBC and First Direct have cut the interest paid on their regular savings accounts from 2.75% to 1% for new customers

24 November 2020

Bank with M&S, HSBC or First Direct? Urgently open its regular saver

M&S Bank is closing its 2.75% AER regular saver account to new customers next week

13 November 2020