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Solar panels

Solar panel earnings to be halved from February – are they still worth it?

The Government is to slash the amount you can earn from solar panels by more than half from February 2016

17 December 2015

The amount you can earn from solar panels drops today - are they still worth it?

They cut your electricity bill and pay you for generating too – but the amount you earn drops today. Are they worth it?

1 July 2015

Beware dodgy insulation sales tactics, warns OFT

Some energy efficiency firms use high pressure sales tactics and carry out poor installations, says the OFT

10 January 2013

Solar homes in clear as Government loses subsidy bid

The Supreme Court has refused the Government permission to appeal against a ruling its solar subsidy cuts were unfair

23 March 2012

Solar panel subsidies may fall further, Government says

The Government has proposed an even greater slashing of solar panel subsidies, as it confirmed the first cut will happen from next month

9 February 2012

Government loses appeal over solar subsidy cuts

Homeowners who install solar panels before 3 March will get higher payments, after a Government appeal was rejected

25 January 2012

'Why the solar subsidy cuts are so damaging'

Charity Friends of the Earth explains why it's such a critic of government plans to cut solar benefits at short notice

20 January 2012

Government to appeal High Court solar ruling which said subsidy cuts are 'legally flawed'

The Department for Energy and Climate Change will lodge an appeal tomorrow, which is the deadline to do so

3 January 2012

Government solar panel cuts 'legally flawed'

Government plans to cut subsidies for solar panels have been ruled legally flawed by the High Court

21 December 2011

Legal battle launched over solar subsidy cuts

Government plans to cut financial incentives for solar electricity are 'manifestly unlawful', the High Court was told

20 December 2011

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