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Solar panels

Government solar panel cuts 'legally flawed'

Government plans to cut subsidies for solar panels have been ruled legally flawed by the High Court

21 December 2011

Legal battle launched over solar subsidy cuts

Government plans to cut financial incentives for solar electricity are 'manifestly unlawful', the High Court was told

20 December 2011

Legal threats over solar subsidy cuts

The Government is facing threats of legal action over plans to halve the subsidies paid for domestic solar electricity

8 November 2011

Solar subsidies to be slashed under government plans

Solar panel gains will plummet for people who install after 11 December, under government plans announced today

31 October 2011

Leak points to solar subsidy cuts

Solar panel gains could be slashed for people who install after 8 December, according to a leaked document

28 October 2011

OFT rules out heating oil price regulation

The off-grid energy sector does not need price regulation as consumers have enough choice, reveals OFT research

18 October 2011

Solar panel energy bill savings estimate cut

The Energy Saving Trust has cut its estimate of typical electricity savings from solar systems to £70 from £120/year

1 July 2011