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Store cards

'Buy now, pay later' firms banned from backdating interest on money you've already repaid

Firms which offer 'buy now, pay later' deals won't be able to charge backdated interest on money that's already been repaid, under new rules the financial regulator says will come into effect from November

12 June 2019

Lenders 'miss early chances' to spot and help struggling customers

The Financial Conduct Authority has examined the issue of late and missed loan payments to see what help lenders give

13 December 2016

1,000s of Argos store card holders due refund after late-payment overcharging

Argos has announced it's set aside £30m to compensate some of its store card customers after late-payment overcharging

9 June 2016

A masterclass to cut the cost of ALL debts

Martin Lewis tackles cutting the cost of different types of debt one at a time.

13 January 2016

Shopping online at Next? It could hurt your credit rating

If you're buying online from Next for the first time, beware a threat to your chances of getting a loan or mortgage

2 May 2014

Debenhams and Topshop store cards sold by Santander

Many store card customers will have their accounts run by SAV Credit next year, after it bought Santander's business

13 May 2013

Banks agree code to help limit overdraft charges

Britain's major banks have agreed not to issue charges when customers exceed their overdraft limit by a small amount

21 November 2011

Store card inducements to be banned

Shops will no longer be able to offer instant discounts to customers who take out expensive store cards

21 November 2011