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Student loan interest rates could rise to 12% for some this September

Student loan interest rates are set to rise for many from September – though the changes are yet to be finalised by the Government.

13 April 2022

Student finance applications for 2022/23 are now open – here’s how to apply

The process can take up to eight weeks and for some the deadline is later this month, so make sure you submit your application as soon as possible.

1 March 2022

Martin Lewis: 'This is a big increase to the cost of uni' – Government makes sweeping reforms to the student loan system in England

Changes include lowering the repayment threshold to £25,000 a year and increasing the length of time over which graduates repay their loans by 10 years.

24 February 2022

Plan 2 students to pay £4,500 more as Government freezes repayment threshold until 2025

Students on Plan 2 repayment schemes will pay back thousands more of their loan, after the Government announced the threshold will remain frozen until 2025.

24 February 2022

Government proposes 'lifelong loans' to help those wanting to study, train or retrain at any age

The Government has today announced plans to introduce a higher education loan scheme to help people study, train or retrain at any point during their lives via flexible courses. The loan, dubbed the 'lifelong loan entitlement', will be worth the equivalent of four years of post-18 education. Here's all you need to know.

24 February 2022

Government announces plans to increase Plan 2 and postgraduate student loan repayments by £110 a year from April

The Government has announced a plan to freeze the student loan repayment threshold - the earnings level at which loans begin to be repaid.

28 January 2022

Going to uni next year? Join the student finance mailing list so you know when it's time to apply for funds

Students in England can now sign up to the Student Finance England mailing list and get an email when applications for the 2022/23 academic year open.

31 December 2021

University tuition fees frozen in England for the fifth year in a row

Full-time students studying for an undergraduate degree at a university in England will be charged no more than £9,250/yr in tuition fees in the 2022/23 academic year, the UK Government has confirmed.

25 October 2021

Student loan interest rates to drop for many next month and repayment thresholds to rise for some from April – what you need to know

Student loan interest rates will drop for many from September, the Department for Education has confirmed.

13 August 2021

Students urged to apply for university funding now if they plan to get a place via 'clearing' – don't wait for your A-level results

Prospective university and college students who plan to go through a process known as 'clearing' to get onto a course should not wait for their exam results before applying for student finance.

30 July 2021