Which company do you think's worst?

Last week, we asked people to vote for companies that make our lives better. Now we want to know which make your life miserable. We've selected 60 big UK companies across a variety of sectors to choose from. Please pick up to five companies you're NOT a fan of ...

What's your favourite company?

Christmas is nearly here, goodwill and good cheer. So why not celebrate those companies who actually make our lives better. We've selected 60 big UK companies across a variety of sectors to choose from. Please pick up to five companies you're a fan of ...

Would you cancel Christmas?

It's nearly here. For some it conjures a picture of smiling children, fun, family and festive frivolity; for others it means stress, present pressure, debts and chores. So if we had a big red CANCEL CHRISTMAS button that'd make the whole thing disappear (and just add the days to your holiday entitlement), would you press it?

Does it feel right for a woman to earn more than a man?

A hundred years ago, men were often the sole breadwinners, now it usually takes two. Yet have attitudes within relationships really changed? For a straight couple, which of the following's closest to your view?

Do you support Wednesday's strike?

On Wednesday, 23 public sector unions will strike over changes to their pensions. This is likely to impact many areas including schools, some NHS operations and passport checks (more info in BBC Q&A). Which of these is closest to your view (if you have more than one job/contract choose the one you spend most time on)

How good is your money maths?

Every few years we ask this poll – to see how good people are at figuring out a basic, but not straightforward money sum. Once you've clicked your answer below, jump to the 'discuss' link to see the correct one. Which of these scenarios about the stock market gives the best return?

How do you rate your telecoms provider?

We can tell you who the cheapest providers are – but to find out if their service is any good, we need your help. Every six months we ask you for your customer service experience - ignore price - with home phone and broadband (not mobile broadband) providers, please vote below. Broadband/phone with same provider: Pick the same provider for each (suggest other providers)

Which Prime Minister would you resurrect?

If you had to draft in one of the last ten Prime Ministers (in their prime) to help out right now and put Britain back into shape, who would it be?

Have you reclaimed Tax, PPI or Council Tax?

Have you ever tried to reclaim money unfairly taken from you? Please run down the list below & tick all that apply. If none apply see the option at the end.

Should the UK be in the EU?

MPs have voted against having a referendum on Europe, so we've decided to do our own ... Which of these is closest to your view?