Which stores do you LOVE or LOATHE?

Retailers love us to have a relationship with them. Indeed, many people feel an almost intimate connection with some brands, but wouldn't be seen dead crossing others' thresholds. This week, we want to know how you feel about some of the biggest names on the high street and online.

What is it appropriate to borrow for?

The financial impact of the pandemic has left many needing to borrow more to make ends meet. This week, we want to know if it has also changed attitudes about when it's right or wrong to borrow.

How many passwords do you have?

With scams on the rise during the pandemic and several high-profile data leaks reported recently, it's more important than ever for all of us to ensure we're cyber-safe - eg, by having different passwords for different accounts. So this week, we want to know how you use passwords.

How much are your typical monthly bills?

April usually brings a raft of utility and public service price hikes – and this year’s no exception. So we want to know how much you usually spend on household bills every month.

What TV do you pay for?

The pandemic has led to a surge in TV viewing, and streaming services continue to grow in popularity too. But with more choice than ever, this week we want to know what TV you pay for.

What do you buy second-hand?

It's cheap and environmentally friendly, yet some people think only new will do.

What proportion of your income is spent on your mortgage/rent?

Take what you pay on your mortgage or rent (include any service charges or ground rent but NOT council tax, insurance or other bills) and work out roughly what percentage of your monthly take-home pay/income (including benefits) it is.

Do you have a will? If not, why not?

If you want to dictate where your assets go when you die, you need a will. Wills can be made cheaply, and sometimes for free. But do you have a will and if not, why not?

Will you be better off in a year's time?

It's Budget week, the time the Chancellor reviews the national finances and presents forecasts for the economy. We want to know how you feel about the financial year ahead.

Should the contactless spending limit be increased?

The financial watchdog is investigating raising the maximum amount you can spend using contactless from £45 to £100. But where do you think the limit should be set?