How much time does your personal admin take?

We all have to do it – deal with bills, bank online, book travel and holidays, file letters and receipts, sort out problems with the home, cope with tax credits and benefits and more. But how long does your personal admin take?

When did you last check your credit report?

‌Your credit report can strongly influence whether you get a particular mortgage, credit card deal, mobile phone contract or cheap energy tariff, and sometimes even the rate. But when did you last check yours?

Should the smoking ban be extended?

Smoking in enclosed public spaces has been banned since 2007 (2006 in Scotland). Now, five councils in England have reportedly banned smoking outside pubs, cafés and restaurants. How far do you think the smoking ban should go?

How do you rate your bank's app?

If you access your current account by app, please rate it in our weekly poll.

When did you last move your savings?

With top-pick rates rising, it's important to check your savings are earning as much interest as they can – and if not, move them. Yet we know switching isn't everyone's top priority. So when was the last time you moved your cash into a higher-paying account?

How important is protecting the environment to you?

Being more environmentally friendly can save you money on some things, but cost you elsewhere. We’d like to gauge your level of commitment to being more environmentally friendly – in the consumer world and beyond.

With lockdown easing, what sorts of places are you comfortable going to?

As lockdown restrictions across the UK are once again relaxed, places such as pubs, museums and hairdressers are reopening. We want to know which places you now feel comfortable returning to – and which ones you'd still rather avoid.

How do you rate your mobile network's service and coverage?

We want to find out how each provider rates both for service (how they treat you) and coverage (how strong the signal is when you need it).

Are you working from home – and would you like to keep doing so?

As the UK gradually emerges from another tough lockdown, we want to know if you've been working from home over the past few months – and, if you have, whether you'd like to keep doing so. Having last asked this in July, we want to see how attitudes may have changed ten months on.

When did you last switch your energy provider or tariff?

Switching to a new energy provider – or at least to a new deal with your existing provider – is an easy way to save £££s. But when did you last do it? And if it's been a while, why?