How did you buy your mobile phone?

Mobiles are often pricey, but some ways of buying them are more MoneySaving than others. So this week, we want to know how you purchased your phone.

What is it appropriate to borrow for?

The cost of living crisis has, sadly, left many needing to borrow more to make ends meet. This week, we want to know if it has also changed attitudes about when it's right or wrong to borrow. We've listed 22 options and want to know which you feel is appropriate to borrow for, or if it's appropriate to borrow at all. We've included some disguised lending, such as paying for your mobile phone or car insurance monthly – in effect a loan.

How much do you spend on birthdays each year?

Martin celebrated his landmark 50th birthday this week, and naturally we celebrated by updating our Birthday freebies guide – a round-up of the best goodies you can claim on your birthday. While another trip around the sun is a perfect excuse to treat yourself and others, the cost can really add up. With as many birthdays as there are people in our lives, it leaves us wondering, how much do you spend on birthdays each year?

When did you last switch your bank account?

Competition's been fierce in recent months, with 'bribes' of up to £175 offered to those willing to switch. So whether you wanted better service, interest on your savings or just free cash – tell us when you last switched? Or if it's been a while or you've never done it, tell us why.

Have you switched off your central heating?

Soaring energy bills and warmer spring weather have seen many turn off their heating in recent days and weeks. This week, we want to know if you've turned off your central heating yet, and if so, whether it was mainly down to weather or cost?

When did you last move your savings?

With top-pick rates at their highest level in over two years, it's important to check your savings are earning as much interest as they can – and if not, move them. When was the last time you moved your cash into a higher-paying account?

How much has your energy direct debit increased by in the last two months?

The energy price cap rose by an average 54% on 1 April, with millions seeing their energy bills skyrocket. But many are reporting higher percentage rises, so we want to know how much firms are increasing direct debits by.

Energy smart meters: Great tech or a pain in the neck?

Over 26 million smart meters have been installed across England, Scotland and Wales. But what's your opinion of them?

Have you ever asked for a pay rise?

The jump in the cost of living has hit hard, with fuel, energy and food costs rocketing. Yet, for many, wages haven't increased nearly enough to cover these additional costs. While it won't always be possible and many firms are also finding it tough, asking for a pay rise could help mitigate some of the financial strain. So, this week, we want to know whether you've ever been successful in asking for a pay rise (disregarding any company-wide annual rises).

What proportion of your income is spent on your mortgage/rent?

Take what you pay on your mortgage or rent (including any service charges or ground rent but NOT council tax, insurance or other bills), and let us know roughly what percentage of your monthly take-home pay/income it is. If you have joint finances, please give your costs as a proportion of your total household income.