Revealed: the BEST and WORST energy firms for customer service

MSE poll finds smaller suppliers are still on top – but the worst-ranked firms have improved


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Revealed: the BEST and WORST energy firms for customer service

MSE poll finds smaller suppliers are still on top – but the worst-ranked firms have improved

Smaller energy suppliers are continuing to outperform the Big Six when it comes to customer service, a new poll of nearly 5,000 users reveals, despite those at the bottom of the table significantly upping their game in the past six months.

Gas-only supplier Zog Energy has been ranked best for customer service for the third time running, while Ovo Energy, in second place, maintains its long-standing position at the top of our rankings.

Flow Energy, First Utility and British Gas-run Sainsbury's Energy round out the rest of the top five, with many of the larger firms apparently struggling to provide their massive customer bases with great customer service.

Yet while Npower and Scottish Power again languish at the bottom of the pile, both have made significant gains, with the proportion of customers ranking each 'great' improving since last November by 15 percentage points and 14 percentage points respectively.

And Co-op Energy, though third from last in the latest poll, has seen the number of users rating it 'great' leap from 21% to 48%. carries out its energy firm customer service poll twice a year, and ranks all providers attracting at least 100 votes from users.

Archna Luthra, Head of Energy at says: “The big energy firms are not known for their shining customer service so it’s encouraging to see some improvements – possibly they’re feeling the pressure of the more efficient challenger brands which so many have switched to and realise they need to seriously up their game in a competitive market.

“However all energy customers should remember this is an open market, if you’re not happy don’t moan: ditch and switch and you’ll usually save.”

Energy company service rating, March 2017
(Results and ranking from November 2016 in brackets)






1 (1)

Zog Energy

96% (90%)

4% (1%)

0% (9%)

2 (2)

Ovo Energy

89% (86%)

8% (8%)

3% (6%)

3 (4)

Flow Energy

75% (77%)

17% (16%)

9% (7%)

4 (8)

First Utility

70% (60%)

18% (21%)

11% (19%)

5 (5)

Sainsbury’s Energy

67% (69%)

23% (25%)

10% (6%)

6 (6)


64% (60%)

26% (29%)

10% (12%)

7 (11)

GB Energy (a)

64% (46%)

19% (18%)

17% (36%)

8 (9)

SSE (b)

57% (56%)

26% (25%)

17% (19%)

9 (7)


53% (60%)

32% (27%)

15% (13%)

10 (10)

British Gas

53% (47%)

26% (28%)

21% (26%)

11 (14)

Co-operative Energy

48% (21%)

26% (22%)

26% (56%)

12 (12)

Scottish Power

47% (33%)

22% (23%)

31% (44%)

13 (13)


37% (22%)

28% (26%)

35% (52%)

Order calculated by 0 points for poor, 1 for OK and 2 for great. 4,863 votes in total – we've ignored providers with fewer than 100 votes. The percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding. (a) Now part of Co-operative Energy. (b) Includes Atlantic, Scottish Hydro, Southern Electric and Swalec.

To help you pick a firm with proven customer service, you can now do a full comparison via ourCheap Energy Cluband filter your results to only show those with a certain rating, based on our service polls.’s top tips for switching energy supplier

1. Check if you’re on your supplier’s cheapest tariff. MSE’s Cheap Energy Club has a new tool which will show you only deals from your current provider.

2. Switching’s easier than you think. It’s the same gas, same electricity. You won’t be cut off and they don’t need to send engineers round to tinker with your meter. Just fill in your details, give a meter reading and the companies do the rest.

3. You can still switch if you have a prepay meter. Standard meters are cheaper than prepay, and the Big Six (and some smaller suppliers) have stopped charging to swap you to one, though most people require a credit check. See ourCheap Prepaid Gas & Elecguide for full info.

4. It’s cheaper to pay by direct debit. Suppliers charge about 7% less if you pay this way.

5. Always give regular meter readings to get accurate bills. If you don’t, you’ll get an estimate and you could end up with overly inflated monthly payments, or face a bill shock if you’ve not paid enough.


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