Reclaim & Boost Tesco Vouchers

Get back lost vouchers, then boost to max value

Tesco's Clubcard is one of the most generous loyalty schemes around, if used the right way. Here's how to reclaim lost Tesco vouchers, triple their value and add to your points haul without spending a penny. 

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Tesco Clubcard basics

Flash your Clubcard in Tesco and you bag one point per one pound spent. You can also nab points in other ways, via partners such as Esso, and even without spending a penny. See ways to earn Clubcard points.

Once you've earned over 150 points, there are two ways to collect your vouchers: 

1. Request vouchers whenever you want – get 'em in 24 hours

Tesco has now launched its Faster Vouchers scheme, which allows you to request vouchers for your entire points balance (rounded down to the nearest 50p).

To get them, log in to the Clubcard app or your online account and say you'd like to turn your points into Faster Vouchers. They'll appear in your Clubcard account within 24 hours.

You can spend them in store, online or with Clubcard Rewards partners. To use in store you can print Faster Vouchers at home or scan the voucher on your Clubcard app at the tills. 

Quick questions

  • Your vouchers will be valid for up to 21 months from the date you choose to turn your points into Faster Vouchers. The expiry date will be displayed on the vouchers.

    It's worth noting this could be a small downside of Faster Vouchers; standard Clubcard vouchers don't expire for two years.

  • If you get a Faster Voucher, you'll no longer get Clubcard statements by post.

    Instead you'll just receive your quarterly Clubcard statement by email. If you want to opt in to receiving a postal statement and paper vouchers again, you need to do so on the Clubcard website.

  • If you're a member of certain other voucher schemes you WON'T be able to get Faster Vouchers.

    Tesco's website says if you opt in to a voucher scheme such as its Christmas Saver scheme or British Airways Executive Club, you won't be able to request Faster Vouchers unless you opt out of the scheme.

  • Faster Vouchers aren't available during the two weeks before Tesco sends out Clubcard statements. 

    This happens in November, February, May and August, though the exact dates within those months can change, so there are no set periods when you can't download Faster Vouchers.

2. Wait for your statement

If you don't opt for Faster Vouchers, then when you earn over 150 points in a three-month period, Tesco sends them as Clubcard vouchers to use in store or online.

How much are Tesco vouchers worth?

While 500 points equal a fiver to spend in store, you can trade them for up to three times that value (ie, £15) on Boost partner items. (It used to be up to four times the value, but this dropped in June.) Gold-plated deals do still exist, see our new top 10 picks below.

Reclaim lost Tesco vouchers

Many people lose or forget to use their Tesco vouchers, but there's an easy way to claw back the last two years of unused vouchers (some report successes from even further back).

  1. Log in online.

    Go to the Tesco Clubcard* site (you'll need to be registered for a account). You'll need your email address, password and Clubcard number to access your account.

  2. Check for unspent vouchers.

    In your Clubcard account, click on 'vouchers' on the left-hand side and you should see a table listing the vouchers you still have to spend.

  3. Instantly print vouchers or use the codes online.

    If you want to spend vouchers online, you simply need to use the code listed, eg, beginning "A6TCD". To spend in store, print vouchers yourself to use instantly.

Just based on those who've reported it to us, MoneySavers have so far found £33,502 in lost Tesco vouchers! That's worth up to £134,010 when converted into Clubcard Rewards vouchers – and the real total's likely to be much more...

Here are some MoneySavers who've shown it's worth the effort:

WOW – I've got £413 of unspent vouchers! Double that for Christmas – I think we'll be alright. Or quadruple with Virgin Holidays? Ridiculously excited.

Thanks to your article, we found that we had nearly £150 of unclaimed Tesco vouchers! We have already doubled the vouchers' value online, which has been incredibly useful for Christmas.

Thanks for the tip on checking unused vouchers – just found over £50 worth not used – don't know how that happened but am happy to spend them now!

Report how much you've found: How many Tesco vouchers have you reclaimed?

Clubcard vouchers about to expire? There's a trick to extend them

Clubcard vouchers are valid for two years, but there's a crafty way you can extend their expiry date for another two years – perfect if you're saving up for something big. Here's how it works:

  • Make a small purchase on the Clubcard Boost* partner voucher exchange site (not in store or on other Tesco websites) and the remaining balance is credited back to your Clubcard account as points. They'll then be reissued as new vouchers (with an expiry date two years in the future) when you next get a batch. So if you spend 50p on a £10 voucher, you'll get £9.50 as new vouchers.

  • There's no min spend, but the aim's to shell out as little as possible and you're limited to what's on the Reward Partners site. A good option might be a 50p restaurant voucher* (worth £1.50 at your chosen restaurant).

Bear in mind you'll need to do this for each individual voucher though, so weigh up if it's actually worth it for smaller denominations. For example, if you've a £10 voucher it's probably worth it – if you've got a handful of £1 vouchers, maybe less so.

Friends and family not online?

Just phone Tesco customer services on 0800 591 688, and its staff will check whether you have any vouchers to spend. If so, it'll cancel the lost vouchers and add the points onto your balance for your next statement, so you'll get them re-issued.

Quick questions

How to add to your points haul

There are lots of ways to nab extra points – some involve making everyday purchases, while with others you don't need to spend a penny.

Earn Clubcard points without spending

There are a few ways to add to your points stash without handing over cash. Always check the full terms and conditions though as most of these include giving your consent for Tesco to contact you about future promotions and offers. 

  • Complete surveys

    Register to join Shopper Thoughts and if you're eligible for the scheme you can collect points every time you complete the surveys you're emailed. They take between five and 20 minutes and the amount of points varies by survey (you'll usually get 100 points for a 15-minute one). There are also prize draws to enter.

  • Tell 'em about your shop

    Collect 25 Clubcard points when you tell Tesco about your most recent visit. You need to keep hold of your receipt and use a code on there to take part at Tesco Views. The amount of points you can collect is capped at 25 points per month. Plus there's a £1,000 gift card monthly prize draw.

Earn Clubcard points with everyday spending

You accumulate Tesco Clubcard points* at a rate of one per £1 spent in store, but you can earn them in other ways too when spending either via partners or Tesco's other businesses.

  • Get 25% extra points with the Pay+ wallet-free app

    The Tesco Pay+* app is available on Android and iOS. It lets you store your credit or debit card and Clubcard details, then quickly pay for shopping and automatically collect Clubcard points at Tesco by scanning the barcode in the app.

    As part of a promo it's now running until 31 December 2018 you get an extra Clubcard point for every £4 you spend in store, meaning you'll get five points for every £4 spent.

    You can also stack the extra point with other Clubcard offers – so, for example, if you pay with a Tesco credit card (which also offers an extra point per £4 spent) you'd collect a total of six points per £4 spent in store. 

    You can use Pay+ to pay at all Tesco stores and petrol stations. There's no minimum spend and you can pay for up to £250 per transaction. It's worth noting Tesco checks your card is genuine by making a £2 request to your account – the money won't actually be taken but in some cases will appear in your transactions and then disappear.

  • 1,000 points plus an extra point per £4 with Tesco's credit card

    The Tesco Clubcard credit card gives you extra Clubcard points on top of the ones you'd normally collect. Plus, apply by 31 January 2019 and you'll earn 1,000 bonus points (worth up to £30) if you spend anything on the card within the first two months. You could get a better return with a cashback card though – for full help and options, see Cashback Credit Cards.

    The bonus points will be applied to your account within 12 weeks of your first transaction.

    Ordinarily, you should repay IN FULL every month to avoid interest. But Tesco offers up to 20 months 0% on new spending. This means you could do ALL normal spending on it to rack up the points, stashing away the cash you'd normally spend, then pay it off in full within 20 months. Remember to repay before the 0% period ends to avoid the 18.9% rep APR. More info in the 0% Cards and Stoozing guides.

  • Earn points on all spending with the Tesco Bank current account

    The Tesco Bank current account also gives Clubcard points on spending. Customers using their debit card get one extra point for every £1 spent at Tesco (on transactions of at least £1).

    You'll also get one point for every £8 spent elsewhere (on a transaction of at least £8).

    You can also earn a guaranteed 3% AER interest until April 2019, though to get this you'll need to pay in £750 and pay out three direct debits each statement month. You don't need to meet these requirements to earn the extra Clubcard points.

    You can find better bank accounts though – see Top Bank Accounts for how to get up to 5% interest or a £100+ bonus.

  • Tesco Bank mortgage repayments earn points

    Customers who have a mortgage with Tesco Bank collect one point for every £4 of regular payments and overpayments, but not from any charges or fees related to the mortgage. These points should be added to your Clubcard account every three months. Check our Mortgage Best-Buy table first to compare though.

  • Bonus points through Tesco Mobile

    Tesco Mobile* customers can collect one Clubcard point for every £1 spent on pay-as-you-go top-ups (done online*, in store or over the phone) and pay-monthly bills.

    You'll need to register your Clubcard with Tesco Mobile via your online account, or by texting 'CLUBCARD' to 28578 for free from your mobile.

  • You could even get PAID to shop with in-store promotions

    Look out for any Tesco promotions offering extra Clubcard points. These can open up loopholes where it's worth buying the goods even if you don't want them.

    The best examples are the famous Johnson's Baby Powder and beef-in-gravy loopholes which originated on this site and ended up in all the papers. They worked like this:

When you bought any two Johnson's products, you got 100 extra points. The cheapest item was baby powder, at 76p. This meant you could spend £1.52 to get 101 points, worth £4.04 of Clubcard deals vouchers, making more than £2.50 PROFIT.

Even if you can't make a profit, the bonuses can lead to serious discounts. For instance, Tesco once sold iPod Shuffles for £49 – a good price – adding 999 bonus points on top of the usual points. These were worth £42 of Clubcard deals, so the iPod effectively cost £7.

Boost your points to get max value

Once you've got your stash of points, the challenge is to make the most of them. Spend 500 points on your shopping at the checkout and you'll save a fiver – but spend them the right way and you really max their value.

Get 3x value with Clubcard partners – including our NEW top 10 deals

You can get the biggest boost to your points' value by exchanging vouchers for Clubcard Reward Partner* tokens. They can be spent on train tickets, bicycles, jewellery and more.

Until June, you could swap your Clubcard vouchers for between two and four times the value in rewards, but they're now worth three times the value in almost every case (ie, 500 points gets you £15 in vouchers). A few partners let you exchange vouchers for something without a strict cash value, eg, Avios points, though the boost's roughly the same.

We've crunched the numbers to come up with our new list of the top 10 voucher exchanges – based on our analysis of both deals' popularity and whether you can get them cheaply elsewhere (eg, with a voucher).

Pricing for Clubcard Reward Partners is based on companies' list prices. Always check you're really getting a good exchange value before committing. 

  1. Train booking with RedSpottedHanky – 3x value, a rare discount on train tickets

    Right now, you can triple your Clubcard vouchers to spend at train booking site RedSpottedHanky, so £5 becomes £15. Beware the booking fee though.

    However, Tesco has confirmed that this discount will end on 31 January 2019. See our Top Tesco Clubcard offer to be scrapped story for full details.

    • Full info: RedSpottedHanky*

      Estimated value: 3x voucher value 

      In our check, prices were usually identical or very similar to other train ticket sites, so this is a decent saving. However the site does charge a £1 booking fee which you won't always pay on rival sites.

      Reason for being a top pick? As it's money off train tickets and they're a standard price, this is almost a cash redemption with three times the value. For more tricks, see Cheap Trains.

  2. Shops including Goldsmiths and Evans Cycles – 3x value, good for bikes, engagement rings and other big purchases

    Every £5 Clubcard voucher gets you a £15 Goldsmiths, Evans Cycles or Denby voucher – so, for example, a £600 ring will cost £200 in Tesco vouchers. 

    • Full info: Goldsmiths*Evans Cycles*Denby*

      Estimated value: 3x voucher value

      If you're planning a big purchase, such as a ring or bike, shops can be a great way to wring maximum value from your Clubcard points.

      If you're saving up for something, be careful. Only convert when you have the full amount you need, and use vouchers quickly. While these are big companies, if it went bust you'd probably lose the cash, so ensure you minimise the time between buying and redemption.

      These stores are generally reasonably priced and competitive for branded items but you may find cheaper elsewhere, so always do a price comparison (see the Cheap Online Shopping guide) before converting.

      Reason for being a top pick? If you want something specifically from these shops, this is practically a cash discount. Particularly for those looking for engagement rings or a kids' bike for a birthday, this can seriously boost spending power.

  3. Restaurant vouchers, eg, Pizza Express, Cafe Rouge – 3x value, a fab deal if 2for1s aren't available

    Every 50p gives £1.50 in vouchers for restaurants, including Pizza Express, Cafe Rouge, Prezzo and Zizzi.

    • Full info: Restaurant Deals*

      Estimated value: 3x voucher value

      There's an important caveat with this deal – some of the listed restaurants can offer vouchers for 2for1, etc, separately (see Cheap Restaurant Deals). If you can grab one of those, especially a 2for1, save your Clubcard vouchers for something else as this means they'll effectively be worth less.

      But if you can't get one, Clubcard Reward Partner tokens are worth three times the value – which makes it well worth the swap.

      Full terms and conditions apply – usually the vouchers can be spent on food only.

      Reason for being a top pick? With a range of restaurants to choose from, at three times the value this is a good swap to boost a family meal out – but only if no other decent deals are available for that restaurant.

  4. Days out including London Zoo and Longleat Safari – 3x value, good for school hols if no better deals on offer

    Get £1.50 days out tokens for 50p of Clubcard vouchers at more than 150 attractions.

    • Full info: See all days out vouchers*

      Estimated value: 3x voucher value

      The attractions include London Zoo, Longleat Safari, Eden Project and many more.

      It's worth checking first though if you can get a 2for1 or other deal for the attraction you're visiting in our MSE Deals section, in which case you might be better off using your Clubcard Boost vouchers for something else. 

      Here are a few of the top attractions:

      - London Zoo – although you can get a 2for1 with National Rail
      -Tower Bridge – although you can get a 2for1 with National Rail
      - Longleat Safari – Tesco is currently the best deal
      - Shakespeare's Globe – although you can get a 2for1 with National Rail
      - Paradise Park – although you can get a 2for1 with National Rail

      Reason for being a top pick? It's a good way to cut the cost of family days out, but check for other offers before converting.

  5. Avios (formerly Air Miles and BA Miles) – roughly 2.5x value, a useful and easy way to top-up miles

    Convert Clubcard vouchers into Avios points and £2.50 becomes 600 points.

    • Full info: Avios*

      This isn't an exchange for a strict cash value, but if you're an Avios fan, this can be a decent way of spending your points. 

      You have to pay taxes and charges. Unlike the old Air Miles system, Avios charges passengers taxes and fees on flights. Yet under its Reward Saver scheme, you pay a fixed £35 fee on BA economy flights in zones 1-3 (mainly Europe, see Avios' map for a full list), if you've earned at least one Avios point in the year before you book.

      For 30+ ways to max your Avios points, see the Tricks to Boost and Max Avios Points guide.

      Estimated value:

      • Avios* 2.5x voucher value

        1,000 Avios points are typically worth £10 (it can be around £25 if you spend them on business class). So £12.50 in Clubcard vouchers normally buys £30ish in Avios points.

      • BA Executive Club Points* 2.5x voucher value

        Avios says the main Avios scheme's better for irregular travellers and BA Exec's best for frequent flyers, offering benefits such as free airport lounge access. However, you can pool Avios and BA Exec points, so if you change your mind later, it doesn't matter.

      Reason for being a top pick? It's an easy way to boost Avios points. The return's typically 2.5x value, but much more if you redeem during an extra Avios promo period and spend in the right way.

  6. – 3x value, can mean a significant discount on huge range of hotels

    £5 in Clubcard vouchers gets £15 in vouchers. 

    • Full info:*

      Estimated value: 3x voucher value

      Booking site lists 100,000s of hotels – both independents and big chains like Hilton, Travelodge and Holiday Inn. 

      Remember though that while 3x the voucher value could mean a significant discount on your holiday, may not always be the cheapest place to book your hotel. So check comparison sites before making a purchase.

      Reason for being a top pick? This is a good way to cut down the cost of travelling, providing you can't find a cheaper deal elsewhere (see Cheap Hotels).

  7. £4.50 cinema tickets at Cineworld or Odeon – well worth it in pricey areas such as London

    Swap £4.50 in vouchers (£3.50 for children) for a Cineworld* or Odeon* cinema ticket. 

    • Full info: Cineworld* and Odeon*

      Estimated value: It depends – this is another exchange without a strict cash value. You can get up to 3x value in pricey areas (eg, Covent Garden in central London), but as little as 1x where tickets are cheaper (eg, Hull). Before you book check our Cheap Cinema Tickets page.

      How to do it: When you exchange vouchers for Cineworld or Odeon tickets, you'll be emailed a voucher with a code. You can't use the Cineworld voucher to book by phone – you can book online (but a 70p booking fee applies to each ticket) or print and take it to the cinema to redeem. 

      Odeon lets you redeem the code when booking online, via its mobile app or buying in person.

      There's no limit per customer on the amount of vouchers you can exchange.

      Reason for being a top pick? Cinema tickets have become increasingly expensive in recent years (typically £10+ depending on where you are), so this a strong deal – and if you're a regular at the flicks the savings can soon add up.

  8. Megabus trips – 3x value on already super-cheap travel

    Trade in vouchers for Megabus and each £1 becomes £3 in tokens.

    • Full info: Megabus*

      Estimated value: 3x voucher value

      For super-cheap travel, consider spending your vouchers on Megabus tickets.

      You can bag standard tickets from £1 each way ticket via Megabus when you book a bus journey in advance (eg, London-Bristol £2).

      Bear in mind that Megabus has a 50p fee per booking, which you must pay with a card, and you can use a maximum of £50 in Megabus tokens per transaction.

      Reason for being a top pick? Use vouchers towards an already-cheap ticket, and your trip really will be a bargain.

  9. Trips to France with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle – 3x value, very popular with forumites

    £5 in Clubcard vouchers gets £15 in Eurotunnel Rewards vouchers. 

    • Full info: Eurotunnel Le Shuttle*

      Estimated value: 3x voucher value

      When we looked, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle ticket prices generally started from about £30 each way. So unless you can grab one of its rare cheap return specials, this is a good way to cut the total cost.

      If you aren't fussy about how you get to France though, it's also worth considering ferry deals – they can be even cheaper.

      Reason for being a top pick? This stacks up well in the value stakes, unless you can track down a deal (see Cheap France Day Trips).

  10. Merlin Pass: Alton Towers, Chessington, Thorpe Park – 3x value, fab for serious theme-park fans

    A standard Merlin Annual Pass costs £60 in Clubcard vouchers. Passes are valid for unlimited entry for one person to Merlin attractions (which include Alton Towers, Legoland and Chessington) for 12 months.

    • Full info: Merlin Pass*

      Estimated value: 3x voucher value

      This can be a big saving as an individual Merlin Pass is £179 – you can get it for £60 in Clubcard vouchers. We do see deals on Merlin passes every so often though, so check our Merlin Deals page before exchanging just in case.

      Reason for being a top pick? This is super-popular with thrill-seeking forumites. But if you're only going to make the odd visit, stick to 2for1 Theme Park Deals.

Depending on your interests, other deals worth checking out are:

See Tesco's full list of rewards partners*.

How to complain about Tesco

If you've got a complaint about Tesco, whether it's over something you bought or service you received, don't suffer in silence. You can contact Tesco directly to try and resolve it, or use a free online complaints tool to help.

Free tool if you're having a problem

This tool helps you draft your complaint and manage it too. It's totally free, and offered by a firm called Resolver which we like so much we work with it to help people get complaints justice.

If the complaint isn't resolved, Resolver with nudge you to escalate it to the relevant ombudsman and trade body. Use the free shopping complaints tool below.