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  • Showcase £7.30 cinema tickets

    Showcase £7.30 cinema tickets

    With free ‘Insider’ membership card


    Film fans, this might be of interest. If you register for Showcase's free Insider membership, you can get £7.30 tickets (norm up to £12.25). The discounted entry can be had every day at certain locations, and on specific days and times at others – see 'More info' below for a list of locations and their available days. If you’re thinking of going on a Sunday, there’s currently a way to get two cinema tickets and sweets for £2.

    Fill out the online form to register and you'll be sent a membership card by post (you can print off a temporary card to use before this arrives). You can book by showing your card at the box office, or online by logging into your account and selecting the ‘Insider’ ticket option (60p booking fee).

    • You must be 16 years old or above to become an Insider member.

      The offer applies to 2D films only, but you can pay the difference for 3D, XPlus, IMAX, Gallery, XLR and Director’s Hall tickets.

      Discounted admission every day until Mon 30 Sep 2019 at: 

      • Bristol Avonmeads 
      • Bristol Cinema de Lux 
      • Derby Cinema de Lux 
      • Derby Foresters 
      • Leiscester Cinema de Lux 
      • Manchester 
      • Walsall

      Discounted admission applies Sun after 7pm and all day Mon-Tues at:

      • Bluewater Cinema de Lux 
      • Cardiff Coventry Cinema de Lux 
      • Dudley 
      • Glasgow 
      • Leeds Cinema de Lux 
      • Liverpool 
      • Newham 
      • Paisley 
      • Peterborough Cinema de Lux 
      • Reading Cinema de Lux 
      • Southampton Cinema de Lux 
      • Teesside Cinema de Lux

      Membership also gets you 25% off your meal at Frankie & Benny's and Chiquitos – though we often see bigger discounts available, so take a look at our Restaurant vouchers.

  • Free Sunday cinema ticket with £2 of sweets

    Free Sunday cinema ticket with £2 of sweets

    Including Cineworld, Showcase. Codes in promo packs of Maltesers, Starburst, etc.


    The annual Sweet Sundays promotion is back. You can get a 'free' cinema ticket to use on a Sunday until 25 Aug at participating cinemas. You’ll need to buy promotional packs of certain chocolate and sweets, and enter codes online by 11.59pm TODAY.

    If you're trying to avoid sugar, see our cheap cinema ticket deals round-up for offers on other days.

    The ticket can be used on any 2D screenings at Cineworld, Picturehouse, Empire, Showcase, Merlin, Scott, Reel, WTW, Savoy, The Grosvenor, IMAX Playhouse or Moviehouse cinemas. Unfortunately, Odeon and Vue are not participating. Check 'More info' for excluded locations.

    Look for special packs of M&M's, Maltesers, Minstrels, Milky Way, Galaxy, Revels, Starburst, and Skittles (see 'More info' for the full list) marked with 'Free cinema tickets on Sundays'.

    Depending on the pack size, you'll see two or five stars. Collect 10 and exchange them for your free cinema ticket. That means you'll need to buy a minimum of two large packs (189g-268g) or five smaller packs (91g-165g).

    How do I get the free cinema ticket for £2?

    1. Purchase the specially marked packs of chocolate or sweets, which are available at most major supermarkets.

    The cheapest options we've unearthed are 196g packs of Skittles Fruits on offer for £1 at Morrisons, and 152g packs of Skittles Crazy Sours on offer for £1 at Asda – pick up two packs (you can mix and match) and you'll get five stars on each pack, enough for a free cinema ticket.

    2. Look inside the pack to find a code, which is made up of letters and numbers.

    3. Register online at Sweet Sundays and enter the codes by 11.59pm on Wed 7 Aug.

    3. Check your inbox for an email containing a cinema ticket voucher code.

    4. Redeem your cinema ticket by Sun 25 Aug – show your voucher code at the box office or book online via the cinema's website. No booking fee will be charged, so long as you're not purchasing any standard tickets at the same time.

    MSE Laura F says:

    A snack and a flick for as little as £2... pretty sweet.

    • The offer is running on the following promotional packs:

      • Maltesers - 93g standard pouch, 189g sharing pouch
      • Galaxy Minstrels - 118g standard pouch, 240g sharing pouch
      • Galaxy Counters - 112g standard pouch
      • M&M's Choco - 125g standard pouch, 250g sharing pouch
      • M&M's Peanut - 125g standard pouch, 268g sharing pouch
      • M&M's Crispy - 107g standard pouch, 246g sharing pouch
      • M&M's Mix - 125g standard pouch
      • Milky Way Magic Stars - 91g standard pouch
      • Revels - 101g standard pouch, 205g sharing pouch
      • Maltesers Buttons - 93g standard pouch, 189g sharing pouch
      • Skittles Fruits - 152g sharing pouch, 196g sharing pouch
      • Skittles Chewies - 152g sharing pouch, 196g sharing pouch
      • Skittles Sours - 152g sharing pouch, 196g sharing pouch
      • Starburst Mini - 152g sharing pouch, 196g sharing pouch
      • Starburst Original - 165g sharing pouch, 210g sharing pouch

      Maximum of two free cinema tickets per person. Excludes advance screenings, premieres, 3D films, previews and premium seats. Can't be used with any other offer. Employees of the participating cinemas are not able to take advantage of the offer.

      You can upgrade your ticket at Cineworld or Showcase cinemas for 3D, 4DX, Superscreen, IMAX, Dbox and Star Seating, but you'll need to pay an upgrade fee at the box office.

      You can't use the 'free' cinema ticket at Cineworld Leicester Square, Cineworld The Screening Rooms Cheltenham, Cineworld IMAX Glasgow Science Centre and WTW The Regal Cinema Wadebridge.