The perfect time to switch. Slash energy costs

Scottish and Southern is the last of the big providers to up its prices; gas by 15.8% and electricity by 14.2%. Until now, it was the only major player which hadn't hiked prices, as it froze tariff increases until 30 March.

Price rises tend to come in tranches, as providers have a herd mentality; once one puts its price up, the rest follow. Thus, if you compare in a period of flux, it's likely you’ll move to someone whose price is about to jump. Yet, right now, if you do a comparison, the playing field is as level as it's ever going to be. It's time to switch and save now.

Grab the hidden deals. Earn up to £30 cashback or a crate of wine on top

It only takes five minutes to switch energy supplier, saving you up to 20%, plus there’s a way to get paid to do it. The easy way to switch is via a free comparison service; just tell it where you live and how big your bills are and it’ll tell you who’s cheapest. If it can switch you, you’ll get paid cashback or get freebies on top.

For more information on how to grab the cashback and tips on cutting energy go to